Grant provides CHS students an up-close study of Holocaust
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Churchill High School teacher Kelly Eddy was recently awarded a $500 transportation grant for a field trip to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Farmington Hills.          
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The activity was supported by Michigan Youth Arts and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

Ms. Eddy and her co-teacher Deborah Trombly took 22 seniors from Churchill to the museum on May 24 to enhance their study of the Holocaust.  Students in the Accelerated Humanities course study art history, European literature and European history and in this unit of study they read Night, by Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel.

Students learned about the art that was made in the concentration camps, and they studied the history of the Holocaust, Armenian Genocide and Rwandan Genocides.  This field trip allowed them to see artifacts, including an authentic railroad car likely used in the transportation of people to the concentration camps, a replica of the Auschwitz gate, propaganda and many other artifacts that bring the history to life. In addition, they had the rare opportunity to listen to the story of a Holocaust survivor, Martin Lowenberg, who was born in Germany in 1928. He had two sisters who also survived, but he lost his parents and younger twin brothers in the war.

“Thanks to Michigan Youth Arts for making this trip possible by covering the transportation to and from the museum with this grant,” said Eddy.
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holocaust museum visit