LPS Career Intern Program (CIP)

  • Livonia Public Schools offers professional internship opportunities for high school seniors attending Churchill, Franklin, and Stevenson High Schools. These Internship Programs include The Career Intern Program (CIP) and the Skilled Trades Intern Program.

    High school elective credit is granted to those students selected to participate in these programs. In some cases, college credit and advanced admission into college programs are received.

    Please refer to the links on the left for more information about the intern programs at Livonia Public Schools.


    The application process for the Class of 2024 has ended. The recruitment process for the Class of 2025 will begin again in January 2024.

    CIP II

    CIP II is a continuation of the Career Intern Program. All first semester students who are eligible to continue their career exploration studies and observations are invited by the program coordinator to work additional hours and learn. This is a very select group of students. Attendance, assignment completion, and class participation are an important part of getting into this class.

    Prerequisite: Participation in the first semester career intern class.


    Below is a list of the sponsors we have used in the past. This is not an all-inclusive list and some of these sponsors may not host an intern at this time. Students who are accepted into the program are free to find a sponsor on their own with the help of the coordinator.

    Sponsor List


CIP Information