Livonia Public Schools Collective Commitments


The Livonia Public Schools Shared Vision provides the imagination of what we hope to become and a blueprint for continuous improvement. The clarity of our shared vision and commitment to it is crucial to our success. We have identified the following Collective Commitments that will define the behaviors that lead us to our shared vision.


Learning: Our Priority

  • Learning is what we’re all about - for students as well as adults. We are committed to both  individual and collective growth.
  • We make learning come alive through engaging and inspiring our students.
  • Individual differences matter; we strive to provide our students’ unique needs.

Our Environment

  • We create positive, welcoming and safe environments where students, staff and parents are eager to learn, work and visit.

Our Interaction

  • Respect and integrity are at the core of our interactions with one another. When these are compromised, everything is compromised.
  • We model responsible, ethical behavior.

Our Practices

  • We collaborate in order to produce results superior to those achieved individually.
  • We are innovative in our pursuit of excellence. We actively seek a better way.
  • We recognize and celebrate our successes.

Our Communication

  • We want everyone to have a real voice. With that comes a responsibility to speak openly, to listen to others, and to be part of the solution.
  • We engage in open and timely communication with each other.

Our Resources

  • We safeguard and conserve our district resources with great diligence.

We will honor, advance and value these Commitments;

the education of our students depends on it.