2013 Bond Issue is Bringing Major Improvements to our Schools! 

JPEG of fresh exterior of Kennedy Elementary after bond renovations with new entrance arch

LPS grateful for community support

The LPS community gave its stamp of approval to the 2013 proposal made by the school district to make important improvements to its school facilities.  

JPEG of a sign reading outside of Roosevelt Elementary during renovations 
"Roosevelt Elementary School. Critical Needs Remodeling and Technology Upgrades. Your Bond dollars at work. Thank you!"               

The bond proposal is allowing the school district to improve each classroom throughout the school district  by replacing windows, heating/air handling systems,  lighting, flooring, electrical, p.a. and phone systems;  along with adding new whiteboards, furniture and  technology. With these improvements, our classrooms will be transformed into modern, 21st Century learning environments, providing staff and students the tools  they need to provide a high quality education. 

In addition, we are excited to improve key common areas that are 40-60 years old, including Fine Arts auditoriums and classrooms, cafeterias and entrance ways. The district is also now positioned to make safety improvements through entrance ways and equipment.

We are so grateful for the community’s support. This was a significant request and we recognize the sizable investment that is being made. We truly believe this will be a significant boost for our community. Bringing in $195 million of investment over the next several years will renew and revitalize our pride in our schools and that impacts all of us here within the LPS borders. The staff is so excited to see the work begin. This will truly be a point of pride for all of us, as we look to attract and retain families.

This is the culmination of several years of planning and effort to live our district’s vision where “we see a school district with facilities that are updated and well maintained, with cutting edge technology and equipment”.

Again, from a grateful school community, THANK YOU!

Here are just a few photos...  See more in our photo galleries. 

JPEG of an interior of an elementary classroom with colorful tile floors and fresh paint
Renovated classroom at Cleveland Elementary.

JPEG of a fresh exterior outside of Cleveland Elemantary after Bond renovations with new entrance arch

JPEG of inside the Main Office at a newly renovated school with colorful borders around the windows

JPEG of a fresh exterior of Cooper Upper Elementary after Bond construction with new entrance archway

JPEG of a colorful hallway with cartoon pictures on the wall and blue stripes on the floor