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 Cindy Scott



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Cindy Scott

Director of Elementary and District Services

Cindy Scott began her career in education in 1976 as a classroom teacher in Missouri.  She moved to Michigan with her family in 1992 and began teaching in Livonia Public Schools at Garfield Elementary that same year.  She also taught at Webster in the ACAT program before becoming a principal at Cass Elementary then at Riley Upper Elementary.  Mrs. Scott was promoted to Director of Elementary and District Services in January 2016.

Mrs. Scott studied at Northwest Missouri State University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Science in Education degrees.  When she moved to Michigan, she earned the Degree of Education Specialist in 1999.  She continues her own learning by attending conferences held both at the county and state level.

Throughout the years, Mrs. Scott has been involved in numerous leadership opportunities by serving on district committees. She also maintains her membership in several professional organizations. 

As Director of Elementary and District Services Mrs. Scott oversees our elementary schools, ACAT program at Webster, Niji-Iro Japanese Immersion Elementary School, physical education, library media program, Young Fives, and the SACC program. Mrs. Scott feels her most important role is to advocate for our elementary children and those who teach and care for our students each day.


Elementary Information

  • Livonia Public Schools has 10 lower elementary (grades K-4) schools and three upper elementary schools (grades 5-6). In addition, LPS has an academically talented program for grades 1-6 at Webster Elementary and a Japanese Immersion Elementary School, called Niji-Iro, for grades K-6.

    Our elementary schools offer a comprehensive curriculum, aligned with current state standards. Our teaching integrates learning targets to support cognitive/intellectual, social, emotional and creative development in our students.

    Our elementary schools also focus on our district climate goal, which states,

    "All students will experience a positive, safe, and welcoming environment, where both students and adults respect and value one another."

    The climate goal is supported each and every day by strategic areas of focus, to help all students learn and use effective skills and strategies that empower them to successfully interact with peers and adults.

    The school environment promotes mutally respectful and supportive interactions between adults and students, as well as adults to adults. and students to students.


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    As advocates for children, elementary administrators lead, support, and challenge ourselves in a culture where learning is the core of everything we do.

    As a team of elementary administrators, our vision embodies the will of our group to serve the children with whom we are entrusted.

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