Schedule Change Policy

  • After course selections and before the master schedule and student schedules are printed, students may make changes to their schedules. Students must be prepared to attend school all hours of the school day.

    Schedule changes may not be made for the purpose of early release to go to work unless the job is part of the school program.

    After the master schedule is complete and student schedules are printed, a request for change must be submitted using the Schedule Change Request Form.

    Changes will be approved for the following reasons only:

    • Changes necessitated by a previous failure
    • Conflicts (two classes which meet during the same hour)
    • Incomplete schedules
    • Changes due to summer school work

    Any student who drops a course without replacing it with another will receive a grade of "EW" on his/her transcript. Changes that permit a student to enter a class for credit must be completed by the end of the first week of the semester. Students who are anticipating a change in their class schedule are expected to follow their original schedule until a new one has been provided.

Scheduling Using Xello Course Planner

  • Livonia Public Schools uses Xello Course Planner to collect course requests from high school students for the upcoming school year.  Course descriptions and requirements can be found in Xello, or you can access the Stevenson Programs of Study HERE.  Counselors will be available to answer students' questions at scheduled times.

    The course requests submitted by students in Xello will be utilized to build a master schedule for the upcoming school year.  Please choose your course requests carefully!  We rely heavily on accurate and sincere course selection choices made by students to build a master schedule and assign teachers.  It is critical that students select appropriate classes of interest, including alternate classes.  Courses that do not have enough interest may not be offered.  There may also be times when we have significant interest, yet cannot accommodate all requests due to staffing constraints or scheduling conflicts.

    Click on the button below to login to your Xello dashboard.  If you aren't logged in automatically, you can access your account with the following credentials:

    Email:  LPS Email Address

    Password:  LPS Assigned Password

    Login to Xello

    Want to see how Xello Course Planner works?  Watch the video below for a brief tutorial!