• 8th Grade U.S. History Assignments 2019-2020

    Week of 9-2-19


    Monday- Labor Day

    Tuesday- Welcome to 8th Grade U.S. History.  Go over classroom procedures, general information, ice breaker activity

    Wednesday- Collect parent and student signatures from packet, do "A Puzzling Problem" activity

    Thursday- Get to know you activity (True Colors)- "What do you know about our country's history?"

    Friday- Living through history pretest, "Why Study History" activity, set up binders, begin Columbus Point of View (POV)



    Week of 9-9-19


    Monday- Columbus POV (Point of View) t-chart and paragraph (due Wednesday)

    Tuesday- Core Democratic Values slideshow and notes, CDV booklet

    Wednesday- Columbus POV paragraph due, go over CDV poster assignment (due Friday).  Work of CDV poster

    Thursday- Power outage- No School

    Friday- Work on CDV poster, study for quiz when finished



    Week of 9-16-19


    Monday-  Present CDV poster, Play Beyond Question review game for CDV quiz (Quiz Tuesday) 

    Tuesday- Core Democratic Values Quiz, 13 colonies map  

    Wednesday- Go over 13 colonies map, Warm up #1 DBQ on the Lost Colony of Roanoke, slideshow on early settlements 

    Thursday- Colonial America Packet, complete study guide, "Story of Us:  Jamestown and Plymouth Settlements" 

    Friday- Warm up #2 (Signing of the Mayflower Compact), grade Colonial America study guide, Pilgrims slideshow and follow sheet, Colonial America Kahoot 


    Week of 9-23-19

    Monday- Colony/Map Quiz

    Tuesday- Colliding Cultures- The Fur Trade online.  Answer questions.  Do Chapter 4 box vocabulary

    Wednesday- Chapter 4 pretest, Navigation Acts slideshow, read 4-1.1--4-1.2 pages 123-125, do Historical Thinking questions p. 125- due tomorrow

    Thursday- "Colonial Regions" slideshow to introduce the regions.  Read 4-1.3--4-1.4 pages 126-129, complet 4-1 questions

    Friday- Read 4-2.1-4-2.3 pages 132-137 and complete note page together


    Week of 9-30-19

    Monday- Enlightenment stations activity

    Tuesday- Read 4-3.1--4-3.3 pages 140-145.  Do note page and 4.3 questions

    Wednesday- Read pages 116-119 from "American Journey" Iroquois confederacy video and questions

    Thursday- French and Indian War Storyboard assignment- due tomorrow

    Friday- Begin "Perspectives on French and Indian War" assignment.  Do "Brainstorm" and "Perspectives" graphic organizer activities


    Week of 10-7-19


    Monday- Go over French and Indian War graphic organizer.  Finish "Perspectives on French and Indian War" assignment (slideshow) and follow sheet.  Jr. Scholastic play on French and Indian War

    Tuesday- Warm up #3, Chapter 5 study guide, Chapter 5 box vocabulary

    Wednesday- Chapter 5 pretest.  Read 5-1.1 pages 178-179, do 5-1.1 Historical Thinking Questions.  Go over timeline requirements.  Work on Proclamation of 1763 and Quartering Acts.

    Thursday- Read 5-1.4 as a class, discuss "Join or Die", read 5-1.2--5-1.3 pages 180-183, do Historical Thinking questions pages 181 and 183.  Work on timeline when finished.

    Friday- Warm up #4 "Boston Massacre- Paul Revere Engraving", read 5-2.1--5-2.2 pages 186-189, work on timeline and study guide


    Week of 10-14-19

    Monday- View "The Story Behind the Boston Massacre", read 5-2.3 p. 191, work on timeline and study guide

    Tuesday- Read pages 140-141 from hand out, go over "Boston Tea Party" comic strip requirements.  Begin working on comic strip

    Wednesday- Work on Boston Tea Party comic strip- due Thursday (10/17).  Work on study guide or timeline when finished.

    Thursday- Some comic strips shared, begin Johnny Tremain

    Friday- Finish Johnny Tremain


    Week of 10-21-19

    Monday- Warm up #5, Read 5-3.1-5-3.3 pages 194-199 and do 5-3 question sheet

    Tuesday- Read 5-4.1, 5-4.3--5-4.4 pages 202-203 and 206-209.  Complete 5-4 Reading and notetaking timeline and web

    Wednesday- 1/2 day for students (hours 1-3).  "Road to Revolution" film and follow sheet

    Thursday- 1/2 day for students (hours 4-6).  "Road to Revolution" film and follow sheet

    Friday- Finish Chapter 5 study guide, work on timeline


    Week of 10-28-19

    Monday- Go over Road to Revolution (Chapter 5) study guide, Jeopardy review for Chapter 5 test

    Tuesday- Road to Revolution (Chapter 5) test

    Wednesday- Finishing touches on timeline- due today. Document-based question- Declarations of Freedom.  Read pages 210-211, do DBQ

    Thursday- Chapter 6 introduction activity- Patriot, Loyalist, or Neutral.  Founding Fathers Slideshow

    Friday- Warm up #7, read pages 156-159 from American Journey and Do Declaration of Independence questions with partner.


    Week of 11-4-19

    Monday- Mid-term performance task #1, warm up check

    Tuesday- Professional development day for teachers- No school for students

    Wednesday- PBIS lesson on Respect- Class conducted by Mr. Abbate and Mr. English

    Thusday- Read pages 216-221 and complete questions from Histroy Notebook.  View "Valley Forge" segment from "The American Revolution:  Empire Fights back"

    Friday- Chapter 6 study guide, read 6-1.1--6-1.3 pages 222-227 and do 6-1 questions


    Week of 11-11-19

    Monday- Mid-term performance task #2, view "The American Revolution:  Empire Fights Back"

    Tuesday- Snow Day- No School

    Wednesday- Chapter 6 box vocabulary, work on study guide when finished

    Thursday- Read 6-2.1--6-2.2 pages 228-231.  Do 6-2 Reading and Note-taking outline for 6-2.1--6-2.2 only.  Do Historical Thinking questions pages 229-231

    Friday- Read 6-2.3--6-2.4 pages 232-235, finish 6-2 Reading and Note-taking outline for 6-2.3 and 6-2.4, do 6-2 questions


    Week of 11-18-19

    Monday- Read 6-3.1--6-3.2 pages 236-239.  Do questions

    Tuesday- Read 6-3.3 and 6-3.5 pages 240-241 and 244-245, do questions

    Wednesday- Go over Chapter 6 study guide, American Revolution (Chapter 6) test review (Quizlet Live)

    Thursday- American Revolution Test

    Friday- Warm up #1, Articles of Confederation and Northwest Ordinance slideshow and follow sheet.  Read 7-1.1 pages 250-251, do Articles of Confederation debate


    Week of 11-25-19

    Monday- Read 7-1.2--7-1.3 pages 252-255.  Do 7-1 Box Vocabulary

    Tuesday- "Father of the Revolution" Junior Scholastic play, Thanksgiving activities

    Wednesday-Friday-- Thanksgiving Break- No School


    Week of 12-2-19

    Monday- Articles of Confederation clip, read 7-2.1--7-2.2 pages 256-259, Historical Thinking Questions pages 257-258

    Tuesday- Constitutional Convention clip, Constitutional Convention slideshow and follow sheet.  Comparing plans of the Constitutional Convention assignment

    Wednesday- Read 7-2.3 pages 260-261, do Compromises of the Constitutional Convention assignment

    Thursday- Preamble Scramble activity, Preamble practice quiz, JS Play- "The Making of the Constitution"

    Friday- Preamble quiz, Read "How a Bill Becomes a Law", do "Follow that Bill" activity.


    Week of 12-9-19

    Monday- Read "Goals" (pages 215-217) from American Journey.  Do question sheet.  Introduce Quizlet Study guide for Citizenship Handbook test

    Tuesday- Warm up #2.  Read pages 217-218 from American Journey. Constitution handbook sections 3-5.  Do questions

    Wednesday- Branches of U.S. government slideshow and follow sheet.  Work on Quizlet.  "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Citizenship test review

    Thursday- Citizenship test

    Friday- President's Cabinet activity using Chromebooks (Day 1)


    Week of 12-16-19

    Monday- President's Cabinet activity using Chromebooks (Day 2)

    Tuesday- Career Cruising with Counseling Department

    Wednesday- Performance Task #3 for mid-term assessment

    Thursday- National Treasure film

    Friday- National Treasure film


    Week of 1-6-20

    Monday- Geography Bee

    Tuesday- Exploring the U.S. Constitution Articles 1-3.  Read pages 231-239 from American Journey, do questions

    Wednesday- Read pages 242-251 from American Journey and do "Name the Amendment" activity

    Thursday- Go over Bill of Rights project and begin in pairs or solo.  Do in Google Slides

    Friday- Work on Bill of Rights project


    Week of 1-13-20

    Monday- Finish Bill of Rights project (due tomorrow)

    Tuesday- Bill of Rights project due.  Washington and Adams slideshow and follow sheet.  Read 8-1.1 pages 286-291.  Do questions

    Wednesday- "America's First Political Parties Notes" slideshow to introduce political parties.  Read 8-2.1 pags 294-295, do "First Political Parties Sort" activity

    Thursday- Whiskey Rebellion slideshow and follow sheet.  Read 8-2.2 pages 296-297 together.  Go over study guide for midterm.  Study with a partner

    Friday- 8th gr. U.S. History midterm


    Week of 1-20-20

    Monday- Martin Luther King Jr. Day- No School

    Tuesday- Midterm make-ups.  2nd hour "Flipping the White House" film when finished.  Hours 3-6- shortened classes (Begin Flipping the White House), M-Step practice

    Wednesday- Hours 3-4 only- Midterm makeups. Finish "Flipping the White House".  Do M-Step Practice

    Thursday- Hours 5-6 only- Midterm makeups.  Finish Flipping the White House".  Do M-Step practice

    Friday- End of Semester- Teacher work day- No school for students


    Week of 1-27-20

    Monday- EDP with counselors

    Tuesday- 2nd marking period Formative Assessment, finish M-step practice.

    Wednesday- Washington's Farewell video clip.  Read 8-2.4 together pages 300-301, complete 8-2 questions

    Thursday- "Great Americans:  Thomas Jefferson" (23 mins.), read 9-1.1 and 9-1.3 pages 314-315 and 318-319 and do questions

    Friday- Read 9-2.1 pages 320-321 and do Lewis and Clark packet (due Tuesday).  Students will have 10 minutes to finish packet on Monday (if necessary) before Lewis and Clark National Geographic video.


    Week of 2-3-20

    Monday- Finish Lewis and Clark packet (10 minutes), view "National Geographic- Lewis and Clark"

    Tuesday- Warm up #1- White House Burning, Burning of Washington D.C. War of 1812 video clip (9 minutes), War of 1812 Slideshow and notes.  Read 9-3.1 p. 327.  

    Wednesday- Read 9-3.2 pages 328-329, begin War of 1812 timeline and map.

    Thursday- Continue work on War of 1812 map and timeline (timeline due Friday)

    Friday- War of 1812 timeline due.  Work on War of 1812 map- due Monday


    Week of 2-10-20

    Monday- Tecumseh play, begin "Urban Game" simulation

    Tuesday- Finish Urban Game simulation

    Wednesday- Chapter 10 "Expansion and Growth" study guide, Chapter 10 box vocabulary

    Thursday- Read 10-1.1-10-1.3 pages 336-341.  Do questions.

    Friday- Read 10-2.2 pages 346-347 and complete Cause/Effect reading and note-taking sheet


    Week of 2-17-20

    Monday- Mid-winter break- No School

    Tuesday- Mid-winter break- No School

    Wednesday- Lowell Mill girls experience activity with Chromebooks

    Thursday- Read 10-2.3 pages 348-349, do Reading and note-taking web together as notes.  Do 10-2 questions from pages 346-349

    Friday- "Mary Driscoll and the Lowell Mill Girls" video and notes


    Week of 2-24-20

    Monday- Read 10-3.1--10-3.2 pages 350-353 and 10-3.4 pages 356-357 and do 10-3 outline.

    Tuesday- Monroe Doctrine Primary Source Analysis assignment, work on Chapter 10 Study Guide- due tomorrow.

    Wednesday- Snow Day

    Thursday- Snow Day     

    Friday- Go over Chapter 10 Study Guide- Review for Chapter 10 test (Quizlet Live)  


    Week of 3-2-20

    Monday- Growth and Expansion (Chapter 10) Test            

    Tuesday- PBIS Lesson on grit with school administrators

    Wednesday- Begin Jackson Era flip book project.  Make Booklet.  Book explanation and begin section 1- due Friday 

    Thursday- Warm up #2, students work on flip book section 1- due Friday 

    Friday- Flip book section 1 due.  Students begin work on flip book section 2, due Wednesday. 


    Week of 3-9-20

    Monday- Work on flip book section 2- due Wednesday

    Tuesday- Election Day, Professional Development day for teachers, no school for students

    Wednesday- Warm up #3, go over flip book section 3, work on section 3- due Friday

    Thursday- Finish flip book section 3- due Friday

    Friday- Flip book section 3 due.  Go over flip book section 4.  Slideshow on the bank crisis.  Work of flip book section 4- due Tuesday, 3-17


    Week of 3-16-20

    Monday- Work on flip book section 4, due tomorrow, begin section 5 when finished

    Tuesday- Flip book section 4 due.  Go over section 5.  Section 5 and cover (final project) due Friday, 3/20

    Wednesday- Work on section 5, work on cover.

    Thursday- Project wrap-up.  View "Democracy in America" video, which reviews concepts covered in the flip book

    Friday- Manifest Destiny "Act it Out" activity and slideshow