• Welcome to Algebra 2!  


    I look forward to this school year.  I will post class information and links to assignments and notes on this page.  


    If you are here wondering what you need for this class, here are a few suggestions! 

    • Binder & Loose Leaf Paper (This is is my favorite because we do a LOT of handouts and a binder keeps them organized.)
    • OR - Spiral Notebook and Folder (I know a lot of kids don't love binders because they are hard to carry so this is fine, too!)
    • PENCILS!!!
    • Colored pens/markers/pencils - I love some flair pens and use them a lot in notes to set off different things but any type will do!  
    • Graphing calculator - it's helpful to have access a graphing calculator for this class.  We have them to use in class but having one for the SAT and home use is ideal.  The best calculator for this is:  https://g.co/kgs/6dmVmS

    Please email me at jabler@livoniapublicschools.org if you have any questions!