A Note About Birthday Treats

  • We have joined with multiple schools across the district to implementing rules that do not allow food items to be sent or brought to school for birthday recognitions. We all know that birthdays are important to every child, and that kids like to celebrate with their classmates. However, sending in a food treat to the classroom to celebrate can exclude those children who have food allergies, diabetes, or other dietary restrictions. Please feel free to send in non-food
    treats for your child’s birthday celebration at school (erasers, pencils, stickets. etc.). Always check with your child’s teacher first to see what he/she finds acceptable for their classroom and be sure to provide advanced notice so they can plan time in their daily schedule.

    Each child will be recognized in the office on the morning announcements as well as given a special prize and birthday crown to wear all day at school. This will give an opportunity to all students in the school to wish our birthday child a “Happy Birthday!”