Volleyball 2023/24

  • Girls Volleyball 2023/24

    You will need to provide your own volleyball shorts for games (plain black, Minimum 4 inch inseam) as well as your own knee pads.

    First Day of Practice/Tryouts - Aug 28, Immediately after school.  7th Grade will meet in the EAST GYM and 8th grade will meet in the WEST GYM

    There will be one 7th grade team (12 - 15 players).

    There will be one 8th grade team (12 - 15 players).

    The first several practices will be tryouts to cut down to 12 - 15 per team if necessary (number of tryout days to be determined by the coach).

    All practices/tryouts are from after school to 4:30 every Monday - Wednesday and Fridays 

    All home games and Livonia games start at 4:00.

    For away games outside of Livonia the 7th grade will play first at 4:00 and the 8th grade will play 15 minutes after the 7th grade game finishes.

    Even though games do not start until 4:00 athletes will not go home before the games.  For home games the athleses will help get the gym ready and warm up.  For away games all athletes will need to get their own ride to the event.  They should plan to be at away games by 3:30 at the latest. There will NOT be a bus home from away events you MUST provide your own transportation.

    You must have rides ready for pick up at 4:30 or 5:00 (depending on the coach) on practice days and immediately after games (approx. 5:15 for home games)  Late pick ups may result in removal from the team.

    There is a one-time fee of $100 ($50 for reduced lunch, $25 for free lunch).  This fee will be due one week before the first meet.  You will not have to pay the fee if you have already paid for a previous sport at Frost this year.  Fees are to be paid online through SchoolPay.  The link is on the Frost Website