Boys & Girls Cross Country

  • Locations of Meets

    Frosts Home Course is located at Ford Field

    Stevenson Middle School - 385018 Palmer, Westland

    Emerson Middl School - 29100 West Chicago, Livonia

    Holmes Middle School - Run at Bicentenniel Park - 35400 7 Mile Rd., Livonia

    Division Meed - Run at Cass Benton - on Hines Drive in Northville


    Students do not go home after school before ANY meets.  They are to stay at school and report to their coaches as normal.  If the meet is home they will walk over to Ford Field together and warm up as a group before the meet starts.  If the meet is away they will board the bus taking them to the meet at 3:00

    All meets start at 4:00. Girls run first on the odd years and boys run first on the even years.  

    The course run is a 2 mile overland course (Frost home course is at Ford Field)

    All athletes will ride the bus to away games. There will be return buses home from away meets but athletes are encouraged to ride home with parents that attended the event.