Girls Basketball 2019-2020

  • Girl's Basketball 2019-2020

    Sign Up Day - Tuesday, December 10 - You Must have a physical turned in by this day.  You must also have a printout of your grades.  Any girl that comes without either a physical on file or a copy of their physical AND a printed copy of their current grades will not be allowed to sign up.

    First Day of Practice/Tryouts - Monday, Jan. 13, Immediately after school - 7th grade is in the East Gym and 8th grade is in the West Gym.

    There will be one 7th grade team (15 players).

    There will be one 8th grade team (15 players).

    The first several practices will be tryouts to cut down to 15 per team if necessary (number of tryout days to be determined by the coach).

    All practices/tryouts are from after school to 4:30 every Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri(there are no practices or games on 1/2 days or days when school is not in session).

    All games start at 4:00.

    For away games the 7th grade will play first at 4:00 and the 8th grade will play 15 minutes after the 7th grade game finishes. 

    For away games IN LIVONIA both 7th and 8th grade will play at 4:00

    For home games, both 7th and 8th grade will play at 4:00

    Even though games do not start until 4:00 athletes will not go home befoer the games.  For home games the girls will help get the gym ready and warm up.  For away games all athletes will ride the bus to their game.  There will be a return bus from all away games but parents are welcome to take their child home from the event if it is more convinent for you.

    You must have rides ready for pick up at 4:30 on practice days and immediately after games(approx. 5:00-5:30 for home games or away games in Livonia, approx. 6:30 -7:00 for non-Livonia away games.  Please be advised that these are estimates, times will vary due to traffic, game length, etc...)  Late pick ups may result in removal from the team.