Garrett Class Supply List

    If parents would like to send in any of the items listed below, it would be greatly appreciated.

    •         1-2 Clorox wipe containers
    •         2-3 large size glue sticks
    •         1 highlighter
    •         1 box of kleenex
    •         1 1 and ½ inch white binder
    •         1 roll of paper towel
    •         1 box of markers
    •         1 box of crayons

          1 box gallon size ziplocs



    The following items will also be important for your child to have.

    -A backpack that is large enough to fit our home/school communication binders ,, your child’s lunch box and snack bag. We have a morning and afternoon snack!

    - a seasonal appropriate change of clothes that we can keep at school, extras may be desired if your child will be working on a toileting program or likes to get “ down and dirty” at recess etc.

    - a pair of rubber-soled shoes for gym day

    - a large button down shirt for art class ( to be worn over clothes while painting and getting messy)

    - we go outside for recess everyday as long as the weather is deemed appropriate by LPS guidelines so please keep this in mind as far as jackets, winter clothing when it gets colder. Sometimes it is chilly enough in the morning for a jacket and by afternoon it has warmed up so we would have your child put their jacket in their backpack.

    * if you will be purchasing any of these things new this year ( ie. Boots, shoes, coats, mittens etc. please keep in mind that we work very hard to encourage independence with our young ones and we are not adverse to Velcro, boots with zippers, mittens instead of gloves, pants that don’t need belts to hold them up etc.)  As cute as many clothes are at the stores, some of them can truly be a pain for our kids to handle independently.