Degrees and Certifications:

Regular Homework Assignments:

20 minutes of reading almost daily
:  Your child should read almost every day for 20 minutes or longer. 

Math Home Links:  Math Home link books will be sent home with each math unit.  Home links are meant to be completed at home.  Answers are found in the booklets.  Student Resource books are generally kept at school, but can be borrowed by your child at any time if requested.  If you are ever confused by the math homework, request that your child bring a Student Reference book home.  The Everyday Math website is also very helpful for families.  I also check my email often after school and may be able to help you understand homework through email.

Math Facts:  During the 2ndhalf of second grade math, practicing additiona dn subtraction facts is a regular homework assignment.  Kids are required to study the basic  facts 4 times a week for 15 minute sessions with an adult(or older sibling).

​RED Word:  New word lists will come home weekly or biweekly.  We will be learning and practicing these at school.

Quizzes/Tests:   Study guides will go home to help you study with your child for upcoming quizzes/tests.