• The resource room program at Emerson Middle School provides assistance to students who receive special education services in two different ways: as a scheduled hour and drop in. The resource room is an elective that many students have built into their daily schedule for a one hour period. During this time students may receive the following: specialized instruction to help them reach their IEP goals, assistance on coursework and projects, study skills, behavior interventions, grade reviews, organization techniques, planner checks, and more. We encourage students to have a plan and let the resource room teacher know what they will be working on as they take ownership of their learning.

    There is always a special education teacher in the resource room available to students as they "drop in" throughout the day. Students may use the resource room for testing accommodations, alternate location, emotional support, etc. 

    Each special education staff member brings their own strengths to the resource room but building positive relationships is the foundation for everything we do. We have a very strong team that consistently goes above and beyond to help our students be successful.