• Dear Parents,

    Please consider donating some helpful items to the music room! Here is a list of items which would be very helpful any time of the year:

    • Clorox/Lysol Wipes
    • Tissues - any size box is great! 
    • Batteries (D, AA for elec keyboards and other electronics) 
    • Ziplock Bags (all sizes) 
    • Loom Bands (any rainbow color - for our 4th grade recorder unit) 

    Instruments I would LOVE to add to the music room. Maybe you have one at home not being used?

    • Ukuleles (Real musical instrument, not a toy) 
    • Guitars (Real musical instrument, not a toy)
    • Tenor & Bass Recorders
    • Electrric Keyboards 

    Thanks You for considering!! 

    Mrs. West