• Daily Home Folder
    Students are provided with a Daily Folder. The folder will come home DAILY and your child is expected to bring it to school EVERY DAY.  This folder will contain any and all important information that needs to be communicated between home and school. Please set aside time each day to check your child’s folder for notes, homework, book orders, etc. Any correspondence from home can be indicated on the communication log placed inside the back cover.
    Please be sure any school notes, or money sent to school is placed in an envelope (or baggie) labeled with your child’s name, teacher’s name, and reason for sending it (lunch money, book order, PTA) is written clearly on the front, and placed in the folder.


    Each morning, the children will enjoy a healthy snack. A light nutritious snack will provide the children with an extra energy boost to help them through the long morning.  Good choices include: fruit, raisins, veggies, pretzels, cheese, yogurt. Please do not send munchies or desserts for snack break. 

    Students may bring water bottles in the classroom.  Please do not send in water bottles with screw tops. Students tend to not close these properly causing leakage and spillage in the classroom.  Also, please label your child's water bottle since many students have the same bottles.  I only allow water in the classroom.  Please do not send in juice or any powdered mixes in their bottle.  This causes a sticky mess when spilled. They can enjoy these drinks at lunch!



     If there will be a change in your child's normal dismissal routine, please send me an email or a note in your child's folder.  If they are going home with a friend on a bus they don't normally ride, both students need to send in a note signed from thier parents.  This will be sent to the office and they will receive a special bus pass for that day.



    I look forward to making every child’s birthday extra special for them! Coolidge Elementary has gone treat free! You may send in a ‘trinket’ to share with classmates on your child’s special day. One days notice is greatly appreciated. And of course, we celebrate summer birthdays in the spring! Also, please refrain from delivering birthday invitations at school. This prevents hurting the feelings of those children not invited to the celebration.



    Follow our class @TeamOke2 on Twitter. This will be my primary means of communication throughout the school year. I will post pictures and give you a daily talking point to begin discussions about your child’s day at school.