Posted by MICHELLE HOSLER on 11/26/2019

    We did not focus on a single letter this week; instead, we reviewed all of our known letters and sight words. I added the words mom and dad.


    In math, we finished up our "Favorite Color" graph from last week. We had gone around and asked other teachers in our building about their favorite color, as well as voting in our own classroom. Today is an introduction to the calculator. Daily, we continue to work on calendar skills, and counting to 100 by 1's and 10's.


    Our 5 Senses work will come to a close today when we make popcorn! Then we will record what we observed using our 5 senses. So far, we played sound Bingo, took a "sight walk", painted with Jello paint, took a touch scavenger hunt, and tasted dark vs milk chocolate.


    We have been talking about Thanksgiving in class. I have defined thankful for them as being something we are lucky to have. We came up with a pretty big list in class, including everything from family to iPads!


    I wanted to take this moment to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Since coming to Livonia, I have felt extremely grateful to be working with you. I've never felt such a great connection between home and school, and cannot thank you enough for your support. Enjoy the time with family and friends!

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  • Week of 11/18

    Posted by MICHELLE HOSLER on 11/18/2019

    Our last full week before Thanksgiving break!!!


    I was out Monday morning for a district training. I was able to observe a Kindergarten classroom at Cleveland elementary. The teacher there really stressed how much she lets the kids play and explore, and I aim to do more of that during our reading centers. This week, one of our centers was painting, Mr. Potato head, and an art project. I also have extended our morning choice time until close to 9:30, vs the 15 minutes we had been doing.


    Our letter this week is I and our sight word is IS. We made inchworms for I, and have been practicing hearing the difference between A O and I, since vowels make a huge difference in how we say a word!


    In math, we started looking at report card benchmarks and assessing the students. Our curriculum has us revisiting counting within 10, shapes, and writing numbers.


    This week has also begun our exploration with the 5 senses; we'll use next week's two days to finish that up.

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  • Week of 11/11

    Posted by MICHELLE HOSLER on 11/13/2019

    I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable snow day!!! That was a great surprise :)


    Our letter this week is N n ; our sight word is me .


    On Monday, we discussed Veteran's day and thanked Mr. Dobson for serving our country! Jamir also had family members serve, and we acknowledge them as well. We read our Scholastic News to learn more about the holiday and why we say thank you. Today, we will continue to talk about what it means to serve our country and define the word hero.


    In math, shapes are being revisited. We are still working a lot with numbers 1-10 using games and activities. 


    In reading, I will be assessing students this week to check in on their letter identification and sound progress.


    - - - ON A SIDE NOTE - - -

    Kids hear everything. Even when you don't think they're listening, they hear you. This is a positive! Talk, talk, talk to them. That's how we can build their vocabulary and introduce them to words and concepts in their world. Reading before bed is another GREAT way to increase their vocabulary and general reading awareness.


    For the last week or two, Jacob - who is 3.5 - has been very interested in where we are going, what road we're on, etc. When we drive to my parents' house, I always take the same route. We go over train tracks, and then drive right next to them. I pointed that out to him: "This is Novi Road, where the train tracks are parallel to the road. That means they go next to the road." Obviously, I had no intention of teaching him the word parallel and I don't expect him to understand what it means. But last night, on the way home from my parents, I heard him talking in the back seat: "Zoey, this is Novi Road. The choo choo tracks are right there, parallel to the road." That proves he was LISTENING. And although he doesn't understand the word he is saying, it has been added to his vocabulary as a word he has heard.


    So again... talk to your kids! You never know what they are picking up. Count constantly. Point out signs and read what's on there. Establish a routine of reading books before bed. You don't even have to ask questions. They'll do that on their own!

    Have a good rest of your week :)


    PS: I am by no means a perfect parent, but I thought I would share my "accidental teaching" moment with you. You never know!

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  • Halloween Week!

    Posted by MICHELLE HOSLER on 10/28/2019

    This week's focus is the letter Ll. Many children get lowercase l mixed up with capital I. We will be making a lion and tasting lolipops. Our sight word is go


    In writing, I am encouraging letters to label what is in their picture. Monday's writing prompt is "What is your favorite special class?" We will use the sentence stem I like to practice two sight words, and to show how words tell a story.


    Math has us reviewing shapes by graphing them and making different shapes on geo boards. Some of us still struggle with identifying groups of objects 1-10, so we will be working on that as well. Later in the week, we will practice "What makes 10?" with two different colored groups of bears.


    A note went home about Halloween. If you need it sent home again, just send me an email. As a quick recap, the afternoon will be our Halloween party with activities after lunch. Costumes will be worn at school, but we will put them on over the students' clothing after lunch recess. If you are going to send in treats, either make it a non-food item like stickers or check to make sure it is peanut and egg free :)


    Have a great week!

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  • Week of 10/21

    Posted by MICHELLE HOSLER on 10/21/2019

    Good morning!

    We have an exciting week ahead of us, learning about Fire Safety and the letter M!

    On Tuesday, the fire department will be visiting Grant to talk with all of the kindergarten classes. All week, we will explore how these dedicated men and women help keep our community safe.

    Our letter this week is Mm. Today, we will make that letter using Marshmallows. Our sight word focus are the words AM and AT. We had an introduction to blending letters and sounds last week, and will continue with that this week.

    In math, we are going to be exploring Ten Frames and how numbers 1-10 look using that. Rectangles will also be a focus. Finally, this week will introduce number stories (story problems).

    REMINDER: Tonight the PTA is hosting a TRUNK OR TREAT at Grant, rain or shine :) I will be there with my family. I hope to see you there too!


    Our learned / practiced letters so far:

    Aa  Oo  Dd  Cc  Gg  Tt   Mm


    Out learned / practiced sight words, or high frequency words, so far:

    a  I  the  can  like  see  at  am

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  • Week of 10/14

    Posted by MICHELLE HOSLER on 10/14/2019

    I promise I'll be better about using this to communicate what is happening in our classroom. If not, get on me!!! ...I wasn't sure anyone was reading this :)


    Our learned / practiced letters so far:

    Aa  Oo  Dd  Cc  Gg  Tt


    Out learned / practiced sight words, or high frequency words, so far:

    a  I  the  can  like  see


    Today, the students went on a hunt around our room to find each of those sight words and match them on the board. During Reading, I continued to assess students at my center. Ms. Whitney read "A Color of his Own" by Leo Leoni and talked about the problem in the story. The students were surprised that chameleons change colors! We made circle collages in math, and ended our day with computers. 

    Another half day tomorrow with dismissal at 12:10 :)

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  • Week of 9/30

    Posted by MICHELLE HOSLER on 9/30/2019

    Hi families!

    Sorry, my login was not working for my school page. Thankfully. that has been fixed! I was out yesterday afternoon for new teacher training through the district. Our guest teacher said that the afternoon went smoothly :) I am lucky to have such considerate students in my class.


    This week's focus:

    Letter - Cc     Sight word - can


    In math, we are still counting within 10 and playing around with numbers. We continue to do calendar everyday, which includes days of the week, months, and counting.


    This week, I will send home your conference date and time on the Daily Behavior note. If this day/time is a problem, let me know ASAP!


    You will also notice that students will be "Green" more and more on the behavior note. That is not because they are doing something wrong :) Now that we are a month into school, they are expected to follow rules and expectations all of the time. Their clip will still move up if they do something extra special (cleaning up without being asked, cheering up a friend, helping a classmate). However, I won't be looking to reward them quite as often, now that we have the hang of things. On the other side, I will be moving clips down from this point forward (dun dun dun!). As I have told the students, a clip down is merely a warning. They can always fix their mistake and move the clip back up! 


    As always, reach out with suggestions or concerns!




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  • Week of 9/16

    Posted by MICHELLE HOSLER on 9/16/2019

    Letters:  Aa  Oo  Dd

    Sight Words:  a  I

    Our reading centers have been going pretty well. We haven't begun guided reading yet, but have been practicing our letter ID and sounds; writing and identifying our name; and recognizing the words a and I. 


    In math, we are learning all about numbers and how much we use them everyday. We have gotten into our calendar routine. This week, we regrouped tens for the first time once we hit the 10th day of school. We are practicing writing and counting small groups (below 5).


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  • Week of 9/3

    Posted by MICHELLE HOSLER on 9/4/2019

    Hey families!

    We have had an awesome start to our year. Your student has been following our new routines and procedures really well. I have only heard kind words and compliments to one antoher. I'm really proud of how long they can sit on the carpet with me (with brain breaks, of course!).


    Our letter this week is short O, like octopus. We do not have any sight words. Hopefully I will be able to meet with each student one-on-one starting tomorrow to see what letters they know / don't know yet. Yet is a big, important word. We have to all start somewhere :) 


    In math, we are starting our calendar routine. You can help by reminding your student what day it is, what month we are in, and talking about the weather. Once we get more into our curriculum, I will be sending home math letters from the program (Everyday Math).


    Reminder: We have a student with a peanut allergy. Please be mindful of the snack you choose to send for your student!!!!


    Other things to remember (as if there aren't enough already -- sorry in advance):

    • We have two snacks - morning and afternoon. Please send something on the healthier side and make sure there is no peanut butter.
    • Rest time is everyday. Please send an old towel or blanket for your child to lay on. We have quiet time following lunch recess.


    Thank you for all those who sent in supplies already!

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  • Welcome to Kindergarten!

    Posted by MICHELLE HOSLER on 9/3/2019 12:30:00 PM

    Welcome to Grant Elementary! It was wonderful to meet so many of you this morning. 

    My goal is to use this blog as our main form of communication. Each Monday, I will update it with the letter(s) and sight word(s) we are working on. I will give you the social and academic focus, as well as important upcoming dates.

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