• Mrs. Carlton - 8th Grade Math Class


    Course Content 

    • The Number System - rationals and irrationals
    • Expressions and Equations - exponents, proportional relationships, lines and linear equations
    • Functions - compare and model relationships between quantities
    • Geometry - congruence, similarity, Pythagorean Theorem and volume of cones, cylinders, spheres
    • Statistics & Probability - patterns and association of bivariate data




    -3 categories:  assignments 30%, assessments 60%, common summative assessments 10% 

    -parents and students  able to view grades through MIStar parent/student connect



    Curriculum Delivery

     - new program "Mid School Math" accessed through student's clever account

    - lots of "making meaning" through collaboration (group work, discovery)

    - class simulations, notes and practice in workbook, assignments posted on Google Classroom

    -absent work always posted on Google Classroom and handouts are available in classroom



    Standardized Tests

                -Cogat(Winter) used for high school placement

                -PSAT(Spring) prep for college SAT

                -I-Ready (Fall, Winter, Spring) district data collection