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This week in History.....

Your student will have an assignment to research an event in world history that interests them and took place during the week they are assigned. Research may be done online, from textbooks, or at your local library. There are some links on our classroom website below that may be helpful.

Once the topic is chosen, you need to write a one paragraph summary of the historic event along with one paragraph that discusses your feelings about this event. Your feelings could include positive or negative reactions, how this event changed the world for the better or worse, or advice you would have given people that participated in this event. The paragraphs will be read and recorded for a podcast. You should practice at home, so you are clear and confident while speaking.
You may include any additional items that will add to your podcast. Enjoy your trip in history!


History Link 
History Link 2


Declaration of Independence

The Bill of Rights


Bridge to Canada



 First Flight

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Statue of Liberty

Cheese Curls

Chicago Fire

J. K. Rowling 


Chess Champion