• Communication

    Weekly emails will be sent out with important reminders and updates on the curriculum and activities going on in our classroom. Email addresses will be obtained from the emails listed when your child was registered. Please make sure I have your updated email address. 



    2nd graders will be given time to enjoy a HEALTHY snack mid-morning each day. All classrooms are peanut free (the lunchroom is NOT peanut free). Please send snacks in labeled, easy to open containers or bags. Students may have a water bottle in class (no glass). 



    Coolidge policy states that birthday treats are not permitted. Students may bring in small trinkets, non-edible items to share with the class if you wish to send something in to celebrate. Thank you for respecting this policy! Please do not send birthday party invitations to school to be passed out and rather consider an e-vite! 



    All children like to bring toys to school, but it is a distraction to the learning environment, so please keep all toys, including fidgets and items attached to backpacks at home. This often includes accessories. 



    Second graders will have Math homework several times a week, typically Monday-Thursday. This homework should take no longer than 15-20 minutes.