• Units of Study

    Data Display and Number Systems (ex. graphs, data collection)

    Fraction Operations and Ratios

    Decimal Operations and Percent

    Algebraic Expressions and Equations

    Area and Volume Explorations

    Equivalent Expressions and Solving Equations

    Variables and Algebraic Relationships

    Applications: Ratios, Expressions and Equations


    Class Format


    In my classroom, we have a set routine that students begin to become familiar with usually by the first week of our math classes.  Students get settled in and start by looking at the work assigned the previous day.  They hold discussions at their assigned table groups while I walk around and check to make sure work is done and answer any questions along the way.  If a student does not have their assignment done, I will record this in my gradebook, and it is expected to be done the next day.  If I begin to see this as a pattern, I will contact home immediately.  Students may also need to stay in with me during lunch recess periods if work continues to not be completed.  When I have done my walk around, I again ask if there are any questions I can answer prior to the start of our new lesson.


    Before we start the new lesson, we focus on the board at the front of the room (Learning Objectives).  Each lesson has an objective which we talk about before we initially begin the lesson itself. 


    I start the lesson off with some “Mental Math and Reflexes” questions to just get our brains going.  I ask for volunteers.  I know math is a “not so comfortable” subject for some students, so I refrain from calling out on kids that do not have their hands up in this class.  As the year goes on, I notice some of the more hesitant students become more confident and do raise their hands.  After this short intro, I go ahead and begin the lesson with students.  We work together through lesson as I ask questions and answer them as well.  When the lesson is complete, I assign the homework.  I try very hard to ensure each day students have some time in class to work on the assignments so I can be here to assist and answer questions.  Some students are able to complete the work here and some will need to take it home.  Assignments normally consist of journal pages and a Study Link page that goes along with the lesson.  Unless I have indicated otherwise, all problems are completed and all is due the following school day.  There are times I will take a problem or two out of the assignment. 


    At the end of each unit, a written assessment and open response are given to students.   I do this in a two day period.  Study guides are provided to students (on my website but I also will print hard copies as needed).  I typically have students do the first study guide and the one for the tougher algebra unit; however the other ones are choice.  I do encourage students to do the study guides as they are good practice for the test and set up in a similar fashion.



    If a child is absent or forgets what the assignment was, I post this information on my website. It is the student’s responsibility to write down the assignment in their SAB, but every once in a while a child may forget.  If a student is absent, I don’t expect them to have the work done the day they come back, but I do know some students may have their materials at home and feel comfortable enough with the material (and well enough to work) that they would like to complete it at home before returning to school.


    I also like to send out emails to parents to notify them of upcoming tests.  Even though I do post this also on my website, I know that at times life can get busy and the website may not be checked each day.  An email would be sent out to you about a week before an upcoming test. 


    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  The best way is through school email at tmacek@livoniapublicschools.org. As a matter of fact, it would be helpful if you are not in my homeroom to send me an email so I can add you to the list.  Thanks in advance!!