• Math-5th Grade EDM
    This year, I am one of the 5th grade EDM math teachers for Family 3.  I will have students from our class, Mrs. Rootare's class, and Mrs. Vine's class.  Mrs. Frame will be teaching the other section.

    If your child is a student in my math class, please make sure to send me an email, so I may add you to my Math email group.  Please check this website under this page for math related news concerning my math math class.  The link to my email is on my home page for easy access.

    Usually, work not completed in class will be homework due the following day unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.  Please check your child's planner for their assignments daily.

    For unit tests, study guides will be sent home and I will email you letting you know when guides will be sent home for a given test.  I will also be giving students the answers to the study guide.  Please encourage your child to work through all the problems and use the study guide as a checking tool.  I will also let you know the test dates when I send the guide home as well. 

    Please check the "Interesting Web Resources" section of the my website for math websites that may be helpful and/or fun for your child.


    Prodigy class code B32FE8



    Math News

    Units of Study

    Unit 1-Area and Volume
    Unit 2-Whole Number Place Value and Operations
    Unit 3-Fraction Concepts, Addition, and Subtraction
    Unit 4-Decimal Concepts; Coordinate Grids
    Unit 5-Operations with Fractions
    Unit 6-Investigations in Measurement; Decimal Multiplication and Division
    Unit 7-Multiplication of Mixed Numbers; Geometry; Graphs
    Unit 8-Applications of Measurement, Computation, and Graphing

    Supplies for Math

     Each day, your child will need, unless otherwise directed:


    • Student Reference Books will be used in class and shared; digital resource will be available soon (SRB) 
    • Student math journal (SMJ) 
    • A folder
    • Spiral notebook (provided by me)
    • A calculator (provided by homework teacher unless your child bring their own)
    • A pencil with an eraser or a separate eraser
    • A checking pen/marker