• Freak the Mighty

    by Rodman Philbrick Year Published: 1993

    This novel tells the story of a strong friendship between a young boy with Morquio's syndrome and an older boy who is always bullied because of his size. At the beginning of eighth grade, learning disabled Max and his new friend Freak, whose birth defect has affected his body but not his brilliant mind, find that when they combine forces they make a powerful team.The book explores a building of trust and friendship. Kevin, an intelligent guy helps out Maxwell to improve his reading skills.

    Freak the Mighty novel


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  • A Christmas Carol

    by Charles Dickens Year Published: 1843


    A greedy old man named Ebenezer Scrooge is visited one night by the ghost of his former business partner, Jacob Marley, where he is warned about three spirits who will visit him throughout the night to warn him of his misgiving ways. 


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    Christmas Carol Story

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  • A Retrieved Reformation

    by O'Henry Year Published: 1910

    Safecracker Jimmy Valentine was released from prison after serving less than ten months of a four year sentence, due to his criminal connections. He goes to his old apartment, packs up his tools, and leaves. In the following weeks, a few cash robberies are committed, and the detective who landed Valentine in jail in the first place, Ben Price, is called to work on the new case. He realizes that the robberies are committed in Jimmy's style. Valentine shows up sometime later in Elmore, Arkansas. He goes to the town bank with the intention of checking it over before robbing it.


    A Retrieved Reformation

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  • After 20 Years

    by O'Henry Year Published: 1845

    In After Twenty Years by O. Henry we have the theme of friendship, change, guilt and dedication or loyalty. Taken from his Selected Stories collection the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and after reading the story the reader realises that Henry may be exploring the theme of friendship. Bob has kept his word twenty years after promising Jimmy that he would meet him at the old restaurant in New York. Such dedication suggests that Bob has never forgotten his friendship with Jimmy and it is possible that their friendship has had a deep impact on Bob’s life. 


    After 20 Years story

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  • Scholarship Jacket

    by Martina Salinas Year Published: 1992

    The Scholarship Jacket is a story by Marta Salinas and is about a Mexican girl named Martha. Every year in Texas, a scholarship jacket was presented to the class valedictorian. This scholarship jacket was about the only object in Martha's mind. She was a skinny girl, and not very pretty either. However, she was incredibly smart and had maintained an A plus average in her eight years of school. That year, all her hopes came crashing down. 


    Scholarship Jacket story

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  • War of the Wall

    by Toni Cade Bambara Year Published: 1996

    On the way to school one morning, the narrator and her cousin Lou encounter the "painter lady" working on their wall. The wall "belongs to the [residents] of Taliaferro Street," and has been theirs for years; the bigger kids play handball against it, the "old folks" sit in its shade, and the narrator and Lou chiseled their friend Jimmy Lyon's name on it when they found out he was never coming home from Vietnam. To make things worse, the painter lady is not even from the area; the license plates on her battered car indicate that she is from New York. Angry at the interloper, the children voice their displeasure, but the woman pays them no mind.

    War of the Wall story

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  • Seventh Grade

    by Gary Soto Year Published: 1990

    The story details the first day of seventh grade for protagonist Victor, who embarrasses himself trying to impress a girl.

    Seventh Grade story

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  • Dirk the Protector

    by Gary Paulsen Year Published: 1997

    In Dirk The Protector, Paulsen is a homeless teenaged boy who is constantly being bullied. Dirk shows up at just the right time one evening and saves Paulsen from a gang that has cornered him. Dirk goes on to be Paulsen's bodyguard. When Paulsen is confident he can take care of himself, Dirk seems to know it is the right time to move on. Dirk goes on to live on a farm to be a pet rather than a bodyguard.

    Dirk the Protector story

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  • Thank You M'am

    by Langston Hughes Year Published: 1958

    The story features two characters; Roger and Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones.

    They meet when Roger attempts to steal her purse as she is walking home late at night. Roger loses his balance, and Mrs. Jones, who seems to be a substantial woman, first kicks him in the behind as he is sprawled on the sidewalk, and then hauls him up and shakes him. She has the boy pick up her purse, and begins to dress him down. Then the story takes a turn...

    Thank You M'am story

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