• Email Communication

    The best form of communication for me is through school email that can be found on the front page.


    Bring Your Own Device and Cell Phone Agreement Forms

    ​If your child would like to use their own BYOD​ at school, we do need a signed form from you.  This is a great way for students to be able to access the internet or work electronically on items.  Sometimes, students have been able to use their smartphones as devices too as long as they have a signed cell phone agreement turned in and on file.  If you need copies of these forms, please let me know or have your child ask me for one at school.


    Healthy Snacks and Eating

    As part of building a healthier community, I want to reiterate our snack policy in Family Three.  Students are able to eat a healthy snack when they feel they need it.  We will go over healthy in the classroom; however some ideas would be fruit, veggies, cheese, granola bars, crackers, yogurt, etc.  


    Take Home Folders

    All students received a brand new folder filled with a number of items (emergency cards which need to be sent back in after reviewing ASAP along with some other odds and ends).  This folder is one we will be using everyday for communication/assignments.  One side is specifically for items to take home and the other is for items to turn in.  I will be talking to students more in depth about this.  I believe that for some students, the use of one folder that is specific for taking work home and bringing it back, it will help out considerably with responsibility. 



    We welcome parents and volunteers at Webster.  To help ensure your child's safety, please review the following reminders.

    First of all, it is extremely important that if you are coming to our school for any reason that you check in the office first.  All visitors MUST have a yellow visitor's sticker.  The yellow sticker lets students and staff know that you have checked in. 

    Next, if your child is planning on going home a different way than usual, the school needs to know about this change of plan.  For example, if your child usually rides the bus home but is going home by car with a friend, both students need to have a note which is then presented to the office.  We need to make sure at all times we are aware of dismissal plans for our students.  If a last minute change was done, please notify the office of this sudden change of plans. 

    Finally, if you are picking up your child at Door 4, please do not knock on the door for a staff member or child to let you in the building.  We are unable to open the door due to security reasons.  Staff will only let parents in through the doors at the front office (unless you are going to SACC in the AM or PM).   Students should NEVER open the door, even if they know the person at the door.  They are directed to follow these rules of security. 

    Thanks so much for your understanding!  Please contact me or Mrs. Boka if you have any questions.  


    Scholastic Book Orders

    To order online, please use the code GXVD7 to access my book orders. 
    Wish List Items 
    The following items will only make our classroom better for the year ahead.  If you are willing to donate any of the following items, I would appreciate it.
    • Clorox wipes (especially during flu season we'll wipe down our desks)
    • "real" paper towel (the brown paper towel doesn't absorb fast in a spill)
    • board games (useful for indoor recess)
    • Ziploc baggies (sandwich and gallon)
    • plastic spoons (helpful when students forget a spoon for their snack)