• Dear Students and Parents,


    Students will be filling in a planner every day in class. These will be supplied to them. On most any day, work that is not finished in class becomes homework. Students will be filling in their planners to record unfinished work and have a spot to also check off work that is complete, so they can easily recall what was assigned and already finished for any assignment. Class time is given and students are literally told what to write in their planners but students can also be proactive and fill in their planner as each assignment is given. We fill in student planners daily together in the morning and afternoon so there is no reason to ever see a blank planner. If a student is absent, they will check to see what was missed when they were absent and then they will fill in their planner upon their return. Parents may sign the planners daily if they choose but ordinarily, I only ask that parents sign planners each weekend so they can see the week at a glance of their child's work.


    Any questions? Let me know, this will become very clear in a short time if it is not clear right now. 




    Mrs. Rootare