Coming Up:   
    • 2/14 - YMAD forms due
    • 2/14 - Camp payments and paperwork due
    • 2/14 - Valentine's Day Party11-12 noon - notes went home this week about the party
    • 2/14 - Masterworks art program presentation
    • 2/17-2/18  - Mid-Winter Break-NO SCHOOL
    • 2/20 - Science Fair forms due
    • 3/10 - Primary Voting -NO SCHOOL for students-PD Day for staff
    • 3/13 - 1/2 day for elementary students; dismissal at 11 a.m. (Teacher work day)
    • 3/17 - through 3/26 - Human Growth for Family 3 students
    • 3/20 - Report Cards Come Home
    • 3/27-1/2 day for elementary students; dismissal at 11 a.m. ( PD day)
    • 3/31--Service Learning/YMAD projects due 
    • 4/6- through 4/10-Spring Break-NO SCHOOL
    • 4/20 PM or 4/21 AM -Science Fair Projects Due
    • 4/21-Science Fair
    • 4/29-5/1 -6th Grade Camp at Howell Nature Center
    • 5/1-5th Grade Field Trip to Diamond Jack Boat Tour on Detroit River and Michigan Outdoor Adventure Center
    • 6/2 - 6th Grade Senior Send Off
    • 6/4 - Family Three Swim Day at Burton Hollow Swim Club



    The following is the Halloween Party note that students brought home on Friday, October 25th. In case you have not seen this or need to see it again, here it is minus the pumpkins. 

    2019 Rootare Halloween Party         





    Dear Rootare Family 3 students and families, we are having a Halloween-themed party in our classroom on Thursday, October, 31st from 10:30-11:30am.  Students can wear any kind of a shirt costume that will not distract or disturb other students. They can bring hats and other basic accessories, but no masks, weapons, or makeup. Full costumes are not permitted but other additions to costumes are allowed to be worn during the party in our classroom. We will be collecting $4.00 from every student to purchase food, drinks, and paper products with the collected money rather than taking up a collection of needed supplies and hoping that everything is remembered on party day. Students decided they will be having pizza, soda and donuts for one of the planned activities, along with  playing games that the party planners have selected. There will be very minimal candy for prizes and one of the other activities. We are going to need a little help with a person to shop for our supplies, and another to pick up pizza on Thursday. One or two parents available to help serve lunch so kids can fit in the most fun as possible on this day would also be great. Please let Mrs. Rootare know if you can help with any of these. 


    Student Name:_________________________________________________

    (How do you want your 2 slices?)


    Cheese ______  Pepperoni ______  None ______




    Halloween Party Planners!



    READ-IN for Family Three

    Tomorrow will be our first class READ-IN where students can get nice and cozy and read, read, read! They know they are welcome to bring in a pillow, blanket, or sleeping bag. Whatever they choose to bring in should be something they can carry on their own. Since some like to have their shoes off when laying on a blanket or sleeping bag, they can bring slippers too. All of these things are completely optional. Reading testing will be finishing up tomorrow during this time as well. There will be other things happening such as biography sharing, some writing time, and math but this will still be the most time students have had to read in class this year. With a reading project coming up on the 15th of this month, many students should be very happy to have this time that does not infringe upon their free time at home. I hope kids bring a variety of reading materials so they can switch things up if they need a change during this time. No matter what, it should be a treat for all and comfy for sure! 



    Open House & Curriculum Night are now done for 2019!

    It was great to see and meet so many families this evening! There are a few things that I did not get a chance to share that I want to take a moment to mention now. First, a number of our families have sent in extra school supplies to support our classroom. This is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED by me and our class. Every time a pack of pencils or pens comes in I make it a point to let kids know how lucky we are to be so supported! Thank you to all who have sent in supplies for the benefit of all. 

    We talked about how one of the field trip notes (green) should have said it was for WEDNESDAY, November 20th, not Thursday. Please note this change and check your calendars to see if it is possible to join us on any of our trips. We truly cannot do this without parents! In Family Three, we almost always save money for families by using parent drivers. This takes a number of people and ordinarily we have many parents who want to go on the trip with us so it all works out. Last year, we were short on drivers for many trips. We are hoping this new year will turn this situation back around. Also, there is one more note coming home tomorrow for 6th grade students regarding camp. Our deposit is due this month so student deposits and chaperone payments are due soon. This is something that is very popular and fun for both students and parents! Ask around, the folks who have gone for any length of time, have good things to say. Boys and girls stay in separate sleeping quarters. We go to the Howell Nature Center, which is close, and the food is good too! If anyone needs to talk to me regarding the deposit payment, please contact me at your earliest convenience. For 5th grade families, soon the day trip for your students will be confirmed and you will have a field trip day while the 6th graders are at camp. If you have any questions about camp that need to be answered in order to decide on permission for your child or deciding if you want to go, please ask! 


    Lorna :-)