Thank you for your interest in the Livonia Math/Science/Computer Program for the fall of 2021.

    Students can apply only for 9th grade entry into the MSC Program. Only students who will have completed Algebra 1 by the end of 8th grade are eligible to apply to MSC for 9th grade.


    If the student is attending an LPS middle school, then applying to MSC requires completing the short informational application and submitting a Letter of Interest essay.

    The online application is available by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Please note that LPS students who have been identified as eligible to apply for MSC for 9th grade will be be contacted by a letter that will be mailed home in mid-October 2020. If you believe you should have received this letter and did not receive it, please contact Douglas Coates, MSC Facilitator, at 734-744-2650 ext. 46967, or by email at dcoates@livoniapublicschools.org

    If you would prefer to submit a paper copy of the application, please contact Douglas Coates, MSC Facilitator, at the phone number or email address listed above.

    The MSC Application and Letter of Interest are both due by ​Thursday, November 19, 2020.


    Students living in the Livonia Public Schools School District but not currently attending an LPS middle school are eligible to apply to the MSC Program under the same conditions as above. However, non-LPS students cannot use the online application and additional information is needed. Please contact Douglas Coates by email or phone to receive a non-LPS student application.


    The MSC Program accepts applications from current LPS 8th grade students or​ current 8th grade students living within the attendance boundaries of the Livonia Public Schools School District.

    Out-of-district student applications for the MSC Program are not accepted.


     LPS Student Application to MSC for Fall 2021