• SUPPLIES (items needed by each student):

    Safety Glasses (any style but clear lenses only).

    Folder (to keep all worksheets and handouts).

    Mechanical Pencils (needed daily for class work).

    Sandpaper Assortment (100-150-220) several of each.

    Ruler (basic plastic style) inches and centimeters.

    Paper Towel (1 roll) can be turned in for class use.

    ZipLock bag (quart or gallon size) to store project in.


    OPTIONAL (donation to classroom items):

    Paper Towel (1 or more)?

    Tissue Box (1 or more)?

    ZipLock bags (box) snack, sandwich, quart, gallon?

    Sharpie Markers (black or colored)?

    Pencils (standard or mechanical)?

    Colored Markers (thin or regular size)?

    Tape (painters tape or masking tape) any width?