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    2019–2020 SKI SEASON


    The Stevenson Ski Club will be skiing at Mt. Brighton again this year.  This webpage gives an overview of the Ski Club and how to join it.




    To be on ski club, two trips must be purchased in advance.  After the two trips have been used, the skier may purchase extra trips on a trip-by-trip basis. 

    The cost of the initial two trips is $104.00, payable by check made out to STEVENSON HIGH SCHOOL.  This cost will cover:  round trip bus fares, lift tickets, membership fee, and Ski Club patch for new members (ski/snowboard rentals are not included).  Any member of the Ski Club who does not go on two trips in the course of the season will forfeit their unused money.  THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS!

    Students wishing to go on trips after using their initial two may purchase additional trips on a trip-by-trip basis for $52.00 (not including ski/snowboard rentals), payable by cash or check made out to STEVENSON HIGH SCHOOL.

    Students not owning their own equipment may rent ski or snowboard equipment at Mt. Brighton for $20.00 per trip.  This shall be paid for on a trip-by-trip basis prior to our departure from Stevenson, payable by cash or check made out to STEVENSON HIGH SCHOOL.  Please have the correct amount.  Helmet rentals are now included when renting skis or snowboards.

    Students who are new to the club will be given their patch on their first trip.  By the second trip, they must have it sewn on the outside of the jacket in the shoulder area of the jacket they will wear skiing.  If a patch is lost, a new one may be purchased from Mr. O’Hagan for $3.00.




    Members wishing to go on a scheduled trip must sign up on a Ski club clipboard in Mr. O’Hagan’s room (A-16) or in Mr. Hoyt's room (D-18) on the Monday or Tuesday prior to the scheduled trip.  Students failing to show for a trip for which they have signed up will forfeit only the bus cost of $25.00.  Students must then pay the $25.00 bus fee before they can sign up for the next ski trip.




    Our trips begin in January.  They are scheduled on Thursday evenings and will be leaving Stevenson's parking lot at 4:30 PM.  Students must be at school by 4:00 PM.  Parents should be waiting to pick up their children after skiing at 10:45 PM at the west parking lot

    The bus will be leaving Mt. Brighton at 10:00.  Students are to be on the bus by departure time.  Late students will be charged a late bus-boarding fee of $5.00 for each 5-minute interval they are late (up to 15 minutes late).  After 15 minutes, a chaperone will stay behind at Mt. Brighton and wait for the student while the bus returns to Livonia.  It will be the responsibility of the parents to pick up their children and the chaperone.  Students who were late must pay the late fee before they can sign up for the next ski trip.

    All club members skiing with the club are required to ride the club buses both to and from Mt. Brighton.  Exceptions are made only in case of injury. 



    Mt. Brighton has only one level of lift ticket available.  It gives a skier/snowboarder access to the entire ski area.  Gone are the days of a rope tow ticket versus an all area ticket.  Skiers and snowboarders, regardless of ability, will have access to all the runs at Mt. Brighton.  With this in mind, it is highly recommended that inexperienced skiers and snowboarders take lessons to improve their skills.

    Lessons at Mt. Brighton are $10.00. 
    Stevenson Ski Club will pay for the cost of ski/snowboard lessons for our members. 




    Any student not complying with the Ski Club rules (outlined here), the rules of Mt. Brighton or the rules in the Stevenson student handbook can be fined and/or dropped from the Ski Club at the sponsor's discretion.  Students removed for disciplinary reasons will forfeit all previously paid fees.  All Stevenson school rules apply to all Ski Club activities and trips.




    Below is a list of all forms that need to be completely filled out to participate in Stevenson’s Ski Club.  The forms must be filled out and returned to Mr. O’Hagan (room A-16) by Thursday, December 19th, 2019.  Any student wishing to join after December 19th will be required to pay a $10.00 late fee.  All forms must be turned in at least two days prior to the first trip the skier/snowboarder is planning on attending.


    Stevenson Ski Club Permission Form

    This form outlines the way Stevenson’s Ski Club is run.  It has all of the same information that is in this letter.  This form must be filled out and both parents and student must sign this form as proof of agreement with all the above information.


    Emergency Care and Information Sheet for Livonia Stevenson Ski Club

    The purpose of this sheet is to enable the Ski Club to have accurate and reliable information in case of an emergency.  All ski club members must have hospitalization other than the accident plan offered through the schools. 


    Stevenson Ski Club Helmet Waiver

    This is the only form that does not have to be turned in.  The Ski Club sponsors strongly recommend that all skiers and snowboarders wear a certified helmet whenever in the ski or snowboard areasAll club members are required to wear a ski helmet or have this waiver signed by his/her parent or guardian.  If you want your child to wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding, do NOT sign this waiver. 



    If you have any questions about the ski club, email Mr. O’Hagan at johagan@livoniapublicschools.org.


    Think snow,

    Stevenson Ski Club


  • How to sign up for our Ski Club REMIND can be found at this link.