•   Freedom Run                                     Halloween                                          Running

    Freedom Run                           Halloween Obstacle Course                               Martian Marathon

    Commemorates 9/11                 Our giant classroom is decorated in                    Students sign-up in February and March.

    and celebrates all of our            lights while children navigate through                  Participants log 25 miles and run the final 1.2 miles as a team.

    special freedoms.                      several obstacles and challenges.                        Our next event is Saturday, April 13th, 2024 at Ford Field Park in Dearborn.

                                                                                                                                    Additional info here: https://martianraces.com/


    Heart Month                                                                  

    Kids Heart Challenge (KHC)                                                 Family Fitness Night                                           

    The KHC is a program through                                                Families participate in a large group                      

    the American Heart Association (AHA).                                   warm-up, station rotation, and healthy                   

    It is part of our school's February Heart Month.                        snack social.  February 7th this year.                      

    Families have the option to make                                                                                                                           

    and/or collect donations to help the AHA.

    Thank you prizes are handed out at school.

    Some prizes will arrive at the end of March 

    or beginning of April.



    Leadership Lunch                                                                       Field Day

    Students are selected to eat lunch in                                           The entire school participates in a 14-Station rotation 

    a small group setting.  It is a reward                                             throughout the school grounds.

    for being a leader (respectful, hard working                                 This year's Field Day is TBD

    kind)                                                                                             K-2 = morning, 3-4 = afternoon



    ACES - "All Children Exercising Simultaneously"

    The first Wednesday of May each year.

    Children from around the world participate.

    A walk/run course is setup around the school.

    It typically is 10:00 am - 10:15 am