• We are a Post Secondary Program working to develop joy in lifelong learning for adults on the Autism Spectrum. 

    Throughout our program, we provide opportunities for students to develop daily living, vocational, recreational, and social skills that can be used to create a better future and set them up for success as members of the community. Skills are taught through classroom experience but also through work sites and community-based instruction. Work sites allow students opportunities to practice skills in the real world setting. Students are trained and prepared to take on various tasks at school and then transition to supported supervised job sites to create meaningful work experiences.

    This year my class has the opportunity to work at Volunteer's of America and the LPS Warehouse. We take on challenges and support in organizing materials, cleaning, hanging clothes, sorting, and plenty of other tasks. These work opportunities provide a way for students to gain experience and confidence in their skills and how they can be vital members of their community. 

    Informational Brochure