Parent Resources

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    When children do an unkind deed, use inappropriate language, or just need a break from what they are doing, send them to the Break Jar to get a slip of paper that gives instructions.

    On the slips of paper can be anything like:

    • using a thesaurus write 10 synonyms for kindness
    • using a map name 10 states and their capitals
    • using five adjectives describe a place you would like to go
    • add up the numbers 1-10
    • write the odd numbers between 70 and 100
    • write the names of 10 people you know
    • write seven number equations that are equal to 53
    • write your 9x multiplication facts
    • draw four things that rhyme with cat
    • write 10 antonyms for not kind
    • describe what you like to do best
    • write how to make your favorite sandwich
    • write 5 facts about yourself

    The list could go on forever....


    This is a great way to redirect your child and give them a chance to take a break and "reset" themselves!