• Hello Parents,

    Thank you to all the parents who are doing their best to keep their students engaged with learning activities while working from home and taking care of the household. With your kids having so much time on their hands, due to few social options, I know it is a challenge. We are expecting participation on a daily basis to the curriculum options we have provided for your child. Google Classroom has offered us one place to access learning activities and allows us to visit with each other via video meetings. Your children can access video lessons, daily schedules, the Unique Learning curriculum, links to learning websites and other materials. I’m hoping that this is helping to establish a learning routine at your home. Using your child’s student.livoniapublicschools.org email, you canaccess the Google Classroom. 

    I hope you have helped your child navigate to the Unique Learning Systems (ULS) platform for enrichment activities. Your child’s profile has been set up to his/her ability level. If you click on "L3" that provides students with learning games specifically chosen for him/her. Through phone conversations and emails, I realize that you also have other learning activities to engage your children. I’m happy to hear that. Using all of these tools together will keep your child to stay engaged with a variety of learning experiences.

    To get started login under student at this page https://www.n2y.com/unique-learning-system/

    I have previously shared usernames and passwords for your child. If you need help, please contact me. The student user name is the username for their student account at Livonia Public Schools before the @ symbol. If you need those I have them available. The password is the students initials in upper case of their first and last name followed by 1234 (i.e., JW1234)

    This online resource is used in our classroom but your child will have greater access than we typically explored in our small and large groups.

    Choose any ULS (reading/math activities) or L3Skills (reading/math/life skill games). I selected easy activities and more challenging games for your child. In the classroom we are moving around to different stations every 15 minutes, during academic instruction. If your child can study for two 15 to 20 minute sessions a day in each academic area (reading, writing or spelling, mathematics, science or social studies, life skills) that would be a good start. Whatever works for your household, remember, all work is optional. Don’t forget to include some movement breaks throughout the day. Physical Education warm-ups, recess breaks and gonoodle.com will help you provide physical activity opportunities for your child.

    Physical education (P.E.), physical therapy, music, art, library, occupational therapy and speech activities are posted on this page, scroll down to Specials/OT/PT/SLP Enrichment link. Participate in library, art, music and gym activities as frequently as your child and yourself desire.

    Use any other home activities or websites that you have found engaging for your child.

    Please contact me with any feedback, questions, problems or requests. I’m happy to help in any way possible. I will keep in touch and look forward to hearing from you.

    As I requested recently, if you have limited access to a computer, tablet, or to the internet please let me know. I hope to see your children on a 1:1 video meeting soon.

    All my best,

    John Waling

    Mr. Waling's Google Classroom

    Unique Learning Systems Login Page

    6 1 2020 Enrichment Schedule