• More than 87% of our students go on to college or advanced training. At the Livonia Career Technical Center we make it easy for you to succeed in today’s world. By offering real world work and hands-on training, our students are equipped with the necessary skills colleges and employers are looking for in top candidates. Use our helpful Career Planning tools, and work with your high school counselor to determine which career pathways are right for you.

    Career Cruising

  • Graduation Requirements 

    The State of Michigan High School graduation requirements will necessitate students to PLAN their four years in high school so that they can make the most of their high school education. What was once instrumental in a college student’s four year pathway to a degree, is now being encouraged in our high schools. With the advent of the new high school requirements, students, consulting with their parents and counselors, need to look at the possibilities of the high school curriculum. Included in their four year plan must be increased academics as well as a limited time for elective choices. Elective choices should be well thought out and provide students with exposure to interests and post-secondary career direction.

    The Livonia Career Technical Center will continue to work with the high schools, parents, and students so that students will be able to make informed choices as to course selections. Beginning in the middle schools, students will be given a career interest survey through which courses will be selected by completing an Educational Development Plan. Parents, students, and counselors can revisit this plan on a yearly basis as the needs and interests of the students evolve through their development in the four years of high school.

    The Livonia Career Technical Center will provide the 20 hour on-line requirement in all programs. This will be especially helpful for students moving into the school district during their junior or senior year. In addition, each program will meet the math-related requirement if students take a Career Center class during their senior year.

    • The requirement for Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts (1.0 credit) can be met in Career Center courses.
    • The requirement for Health (.5 credit) can be met by taking any health science course at the Career Center. 
    • Any Career Center course can count as your second year World Language graduation requirement.
    • Any Career Center course can be used to satisfy the Physics/Physical Science requirement needed for graduation.