• Mrs. Roeser’s Supply Wish List


    Dear Parents,

    The following are items that would benefit our classroom, please keep in mind that these are suggested items and there is not a requirement for you to purchase any or all of the items on this list. 

    It would be greatly appreciated if a spare change of clothes for warm and cold weather (including underwear and socks) were sent in for your child - with your child’s name clearly labeled.

    If your child uses wipes when using the bathroom, please send in a package of those to keep at school.

    You are welcome to send snacks in bulk to keep at school. I can let you know when more is needed.

    • (2) 1-inch binders with clear front insert
    • (1) 1.5-inch binder with clear front insert
    • Snack / Sandwich / Quart or Freezer Size Bags
    • Glue Sticks
    • Kleenex
    • Picture of student (for First Author writing binder)
    • Anti-bacterial WIPES!
    • Sterilite plastic storage bins (the $.94 ones at Target will do!)
    • Art Shirt (a t-shirt that you don’t mind gets dirty during art projects)
    • Thin EXPO markers
    • Edible reinforcers (your child’s favorite)
    • Velcro dots

    Thank you! See you in September!



    Mrs. Stephanie Roeser