• 6-2-20

    The due date for ALL CURRENT ASST'S is this Sunday, June 7th, to allow me sufficient time for grading work and recording scores.

    Please email me if you have questions. Office hours will be this Friday at noon. I will send out a REMIND +.

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  • 5-18-20

    All assignments except the recent Apocalypse one have been entered into the grade book IF THEY WERE POSTED TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Assignments 'shared' as a Google doc were not graded. It is NOT too late to post late assignments to Google classroom.

    I have decided not to adjust my Google classroom for now, so you are still free to post any missing assts, and I will leave this open for the remainder of the year. In other words, the last day of school is the final deadline for ALL work (although you really shouldn't wait that long).

    Also, there is no late penalty for any work at the moment.

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  • 5-7-20

    I need to make some adjustments to my Google classroom so I can more effectively enter scores. Thus, ALL MISSING WORK MUST BE TURNED IN NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, MAY 17. This gives you a week and a half to complete any outstanding work. 

    I want to stress that I don't expect perfection on any of these assignments. I also don't expect or want these to take very long. Do a decent job within the parameters and be done with it. 

    Scores in the gradebook will either be "1" for satisfactory work or "0/blank" for unsatisfactory/missing work. 

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  • Important info about grading for MP4:

    ELA assignments from now on are not exactly optional. I will be keeping track of who completes assignments, and those people will receive a SATISFACTORY for MP4. Those who do not complete the assignments will receive NO MARK for MP4. 

    Neither an S nor an NM will affect your grade for the year. Your overall grade will be based on MPs 1-3.

    I don't know if there will be a future consequence to a grade of NM, but I would suggest doing the assignments. You will receive an S for a decent effort, so it shouldn't be anything excessively difficult or time consuming. 

    I apologize if I put out contradictory info previously.

    You should assume that all assignments are due on Fridays, with the exception of the current PANTHEON ass't, which will be due NEXT Friday.

    If you have questions or concerns, please come to the GOOGLE HANGOUT at noon tomorrow.

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  • 4-30-20

    For next week's lessons, please view one of the movies on the website posted below.


    Please note that some are rated 'R', so make sure your parents approve of your choice before viewing. There are plenty of 'safe' choices on the list, including "Finding Nemo". I do not officially endorse any of the 'R' rated movies.

    I will be holding 'office hours' Friday, 5-1-20, from 12pm to 1pm. If you want to chat, click on the link below:



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  • 4-24-20

    I've posted my first Google classroom videos/assignment, so you should have received that already. I broke them into multiple shorter videos (45s or so), which is inconvenient, but I kept screwing up the longer ones, lol. 

    The videos need to be watched in reverse order (I'm not so good at this stuff--I'll work on it for next time). 

    This is the official lesson for next week. I will post two more in each of the following weeks (and hopefully I'll get better at it). 

    I will have 'office hours' on Fridays from noon to one--I'll send out a link to connect. However, I'd prefer to just video conference with anyone who needs help as the need arises. Just email me and we'll set something up.

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  • 4-19-20

    Good afternoon! I wanted to explain how we will be going forward in my class for the remainder of the year.

    Beginning a week from Monday, we will resume our official mythology study. I will be posting one video lesson that week and two video lessons every week thereafter. These lessons will introduce and explain concepts, and then lead to relatively brief assignments.

    All videos and assignments will be posted on my Google classroom, so if you are not currently on it, please let me know and I will send you an invitation. 

    Assignments will be completed on Google classroom as well (so no need to email me anything or 'share' a doc). Assignments are pass/fail (which means if you basically do it, you pass). However, I have been told that failure to do the assignments for whatever reason will not be held against you, which means, I think, that they won't be officially recorded in my grade book. So essentially, they are optional. I am required, however, to tell the principal who is participating and who is not, although I don't know what will be done with that information.

    I will additionally be available to video conference with anyone who needs help or has questions. If you would like to do this, please send me an email and I will invite you to a Google meet. I will attempt to Google meet with multiple students at a time, if possible.


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