Recommended Supply List


    Spiral notebooks (1 big fat one for math and 4 additional one subject)

    1 Composition Notebook

    Sticky notes 3x3

    4 two pocket folders (red, blue, green, purple (or black)

    Crayons (24 pack) or colored pencils (12 or 24 pack)



    Supply bag - the bag is much easier to handle when switching classes

    Glue sticks




    Water bottle

    Kleenex to donate to the classroom


    Students will be carrying their supplies as they change classrooms throughout the day.  All general supplies (pencils, pens, highlighters, crayons or colored pencils, scissors and a glue stick) should fit in the supply bag.  Students will be utilizing table workspaces in our classroom in place of individual desks. I will provide space for extra supplies and time for students to replenish as needed.


    Thank you so much for your support!

    Mrs. Condevaux