• The following supplies will be helpful for your student this year:  

    • backpack
    • water bottle
    • earbuds/headphones
    • pencils (mechanical encouraged)
    • pencil sharpener if using traditional pencils)
    • highlighters
    • glue (especially liquid)
    • scissors
    • markers
    • colored checking pens
    • supply box/pouch
    • stapler
    • 4 notebooks/4 subject notebook for homeroom
    • 2 notebooks/2 subject notebook for math
    • 5 two-pocket folders or multi-pocket accordion folder (Trapper Keepers discouraged due to space)

    Thank you, in addition, for any spare donations from the list to be used for any students that may not have their own supplies.

    For the good of the class, any donations of Kleenex and hand sanitizer would be greatly appreciated.