• CAPA Beginning Vocal Technique


    CAPA Vocal Technique

    Beginner Level


    Hello CAPA members and families,

    Welcome to a new school year that is sure to be filled with great music, excitement and wonderful memories.  I am so excited to help your students on their musical journey in CAPA Vocal. There are going to be many performance opportunities throughout the year to gain experience performing as a soloist and as a member of an ensemble.  There will also be opportunities to perform in adjudicated settings.  Students will be working toward becoming well-rounded musicians by their music theory, sight-reading and vocal pedagogy studies as well as, work on vocal technique and style.  Listed below is information pertaining to the class.  If you have any questions, please contact me through email at afisher@livoniapublicschools.org. I am also using Google Classroom as a form of communication this year. Your student will receive more information in class.  I am looking forward to working with the CAPA students and helping them reach their performance goals.



     Ann Fisher

    CAPA Vocal Director

    Churchill High School



    Description:  Beginning Vocal Technique is a course for students enrolled in Creative and Performing Arts at Churchill High School.  The class will encompass solo and ensemble performing, music theory, sight-reading, and vocal pedagogy. Students will be expected to sing in a foreign language as well as study and perform many genres of vocal repertoire.


    Objectives:  Students will be able to demonstrate proper posture and breathing technique.     

                        Students will be able to discuss basic pedagogy and how to maintain vocal health.

                        Students will be able to recognize and implement musical and expressive notation.

                        Students will be able to perform solos and perform in ensembles.

                        Students will perform a wide variety of genres.

                        Students will be able to successfully sight-read at the beginner level.

                        Students will be able to demonstrate proper vocal technique.

                        Students will be able to perform repertoire appropriate for their voice.

                        Students will be able to present their performance in a professional manner.


    Expectations:  CAPA vocal students will be expected to perform at two concerts per semester.  It is imperative that the students experience the process of selecting, studying, rehearsing and performing music.  Knowledge and experience is gained through the journey.  There are also some daily expectations of the students in order to gain the most from their voice studies.

                           Always have binders and pencils in class.

                           Always be on time.  This means in your seat when the bell rings.

                           Always drink water.  It is extremely important to keep the voice hydrated.

                           Always use class time wisely. The practice rooms are only used for practicing.  Anything but practice may affect your use of the practice.                                                                         It is time to work on your best voice.

                           Always turn in assignments on time. 

                           Always be prepared when it is your turn to sing.

                           Always have a positive attitude.  Negative comments or rude behavior is not tolerated. Please refer to CAPA Code of Counduct



    Grading Policy

    Classroom work and participation: 50%

    Students are graded on their attentiveness, timeliness, and initiative/self-motivation.  Students receive 5 points per day for their work in class.  It is important to be present and work hard with a positive attitude.

     Performances:  30%

    Performances are a required assessment in the vocal curriculum.  Please give dates to parents and employers as soon as possible.  You are not excused from performing at the concert.

     Theory, Sight-Reading, and Written Assignments: 20%

     Students will be expected to complete music theory lessons, sight-reading, listening assessments as well as self-refection assessments.  All assignments must be handed in on the due date.  One day late will result in partial credit.


     Required Performances First Semester




    Performance Attire:  Clothing should be appropriate for a performance setting.  Each concert will have criteria for appropriate dress. This may change with the style or genre of the concert.


    Spirit Wear:  We will be offering spirit wear in September.  Warm-up jackets, sweatshirts and T-shirts.  We are also looking into bumper stickers.  More information will be coming.


    Materials:  Every student will need a 1-inch binder and a pencil in every class.


    Sheet Music:  Students will be able to check out vocal repertoire during the semester.  Music must be returned in the same condition it was borrowed.  Any lost or damaged music will be the financial responsibility of the student. 


    Respect and Reputation:

    Please remember that you have an important role as an ambassador of the school.  Excellent behavior and attitudes are important to the image that our wonderful program would like to portray.  Positive attitudes are infectious.  Great things happen when positive people come together with purpose.  We can contribute to our community through our performances and promotion of the arts.





    Cheating/Plagiarism (Churchill Policy)

    Cheating and/or plagiarism is the ac of stealing or copying someone else’s ideas, words or work and passing it off or claiming it as your own.  This is clearly dishonest and unacceptable at Churchill high School.

    1. Direct quoting without giving credit to the source.
    2. Omitting quotation marks to indicate quoted material.
    3. Paraphrasing the idea(s) of others without giving them credit.
    4. Copying any work of other students.
    5. Handing in work which has already been given credit or which was done by another.
    6. Copying word for word or taking material verbatim from the internet without proper credit given. The teacher who discovers cheating or plagiarism will immediately confiscate the paper, test, or project, contact the parent, and written a disciplinary referral to the administrator.  The particular circumstances involved in each specific case will determine the teacher’s penalty.  Penalty could include loss of credit for the test/paper/project, a failing mark for the card marking period, suspension from school, and/or withdrawal from the course with an EW.  Subsequent plagiarism or cheating in class will result in more severe penalties including possible failure of the semester.