• Webster Family Three - All Teachers

    For 2019-2020

    September 2019

    Dear Family Three parents,

    We wanted to give you a heads up on some items we feel will make your child’s experience in Family Three a more successful one.  Each teacher may also have some items they want for their room, and those few items (if any) would be given to your child by the homeroom teacher the first week of school.


    Items also available in online order

    • Pencils (throughout the year)
    • a couple of erasers
    • pens (blue or black only)
    • checking pen or marker 
    • highlighter (color of your choice)
    • markers (for coloring)
    • crayons or colored pencils
    • glue or glue stick
    • scissors 
    • ruler
    • earbuds
    • pencil bag or box
    • two Kleenex boxes
    • folders (at least six - no trappers but accordian style works well) 
    • correction tape (not fluid)
    • a composition book (for writing workshop)
    • 3 spiral notebooks

    Additional Items not available in the online order

    • Backpack (please know that wheeled bags do not fit in our lockers)
    • Expo markers (students in 5th or 6th grade math)  
    • Students in Transitions Math (7th grade) will need a 3-5 subject notebook in addition
    • A picture of your child (no larger than 4X6) for a beginning of year poster we will work on.  
    • $6.00 for magazines used in class (Math Magazine) Thank you to PTA for their support with paying for Junior Scholastic.  Cash or check made payable to Livonia Public Schools.
    • Please consider donating Clorox wipes, regular paper towel or hand sanitizer

    For items such as pencils, it would be important to consider replenishing every so often.  

    Please also make sure your child labels his/her items.  

    Your child will receive a SAB (Student Assignment Book) to use for keeping track of assignments.  Once they have the “SAB Introduction,” they may choose to use the one given to them, or they may choose to select a planner that better meets their needs. 

    We hope this information has been helpful.  Remember the bulk of what your child will need is in the above list, keeping in mind there may be an additional one or two items added on by the homeroom teacher after the first week of school.

    Thanks again and we wish you and your family a safe, relaxing and enjoyable summer break!  See you all in September!!



    The Family Three Teachers