For 6th Grade Students

    Welcome to Riley!  It is that time of year again and school is right around the corner. Below are the items that are specific to 6th grade and will be used regularly during the upcoming school year. Please be sure to label all items, as well as lunch boxes, with a permanent marker.  Some of the supplies may need to be replenished later in the year.  

    Please bring the following items the first day of school.  


    Colored Highlighters

    Glue Sticks


    Accordion File

    Supply Pouch

    Ink Pens

    Colored Pencils


    Drawstring Bag

    3 Spiral Notebooks

    Textbook Cover

    Earbuds (labeled in a baggie, must be left at school)

    Pencil Sharpener (must hold shavings)


    Individual teachers may request additional supplies or read aloud novels specific to the needs in their classrooms. 


    Teachers would also appreciate donations of disinfecting wipes, tissue, hand sanitizer and paper towel. Thank you!