• District Communications Team

    The District Communications Team consists of parent and staff representatives from each of our schools. The DCT meetings provide a unique opportunity for feedback and the dissemination of information on key topics in our school district. The DCT was established more than 10 years ago, as a follow-up to the District Transition Team.

  • Cable TV

    Livonia Public Schools provides the LPS Cable Channel which offers programming from Board of Education Regular and Committee Meetings to special stories happening around the district. 

    LPS Cable TV can be found on Channel 19 through Comcast and on Channel 15 through Spectrum and Wide Open West.

  • Publications

    LPS Publications include the January Dialog Newsletter, June Dialog Newsletter and the August Dialog Newsletter, as well as the periodic Superintendent newsletter. 

    Up-to-date publications and archives can be found on the LPS Newsletters and Publications page also found under the Community tab.