•  Mr. Reina’s Classroom Expectations

    (NOT FOR AP)

    Welcome to your new home for science. You can call me Mr. Reina or Mr. R. Anything other than that is most likely unacceptable in class. I will be playing the part of the instructor this semester. While you are in this room, you will be expected to think, talk, and conduct yourself like a responsible, young adult human. This class will run as smoothly as you and your class mates allow it to. If you conduct yourselves in a mature, fun manner then this class will be fun. If you act like immature children, then this class will be … well, less than fun. Below are just SOME of the expectations I am going to hold you to.


    • ALWAYS come to class prepared. You must always have a pencil (Not a Pen), and lined paper to write on. If you do not have these items on a daily basis, then you are assumed to not have an interest in learning, and therefore may be excused to your assistant principal’s office. I will NOT be supplying paper and pencils for you, so ask a classmate to help you out if you decide to come to class unprepared


    • DO NOT ask “What are we doing today?” I will ignore your question. Not because I am a rude jerk, but because it is more productive for me to explain the lesson to 30 students once, instead of once to 30 students independently.


    • DO YOU HAVE TO GO POTTY? Bathroom breaks are limited.  I will not be sending you to the bathroom every day. I do understand that sometimes emergencies arise, and those will be handled on a case by case basis. If emergencies become common I will make a phone call home to request that you visit a physician to get a bathroom note.  The bottom line is to save your passes for those times. The reason for limiting your passes is that I do not teach in the hallways or bathrooms, therefore if you are leaving all the time, you will miss out on important information.


    • I HATE TARDIES! Just get here on time. I understand that there is a lot of space between this room and your last hour; however, you are expected to act professionally. Plan for your day. If you need to carry materials for more than one class with you, then do it. Class starts when the bell rings. Your entire body must be in this room, and in your assigned seat, for you to be counted here. By the way, do not drop off your materials, and think that they can take your place. Your back pack may be on time, but you can still be tardy.
    • IF YOU NEED TO BE ABSENT, do not come to me when you return and ask “Did we do anything important yesterday?” We did. The first thing you should always do is check with a friend in class. Assignments will be in the assignment box located on the table by the window. If those avenues fail you, then you should come to me, but after class.  Please be advised that I DO adhere to the attendance policy for grade reduction.  Per FHS policy, any student with more than 12 absences may have their grade reduced by 1/3 for every absence over 12.  A grade may not be reduced lower than a D-.  This is for the semester grade.


    • IF I AM ABSENT, you WILL treat a substitute teacher with the utmost respect. Most subs are as qualified as I am to be in here with you, therefore they deserve the same respect you should be showing your regular teachers. ALL classroom rules apply if I am not here. Treating a sub with less than your highest respect WILL result in the removal of any and all privileges the class has earned.


    • RESPECT OTHERS’ PROPERTY. I will not go into your back packs, purses, or bags.  Therefore, I ask that you do the same. This includes my stuff.  From time-to-time I will have materials out…KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF! If you really want to see something, please ask.  9 times out of 10 I will say yes (O.K. maybe 7 times out of 10). Do not ask to use the class phone or my computer. You may not. Phone calls are to be requested in the office.


    • NON-EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS are to be kept in your locker. Cell phones are allowed in school, BUT are not to be in use during class. All phones are to be in the OFF mode. The only times you may use your phone are on days I announce as “Cell Phone Days”.  On those days, cell phones will be used as educational tools. For your convenience, I have a cell phone charging station in the classroom. There is rooms for 10 plugs and two USB ports. You MUST plug in prior to attendance being taken, and leave your phone plugged in until the end of the class period.



    • NO FOOD in class. This includes drinks other than water. Flavored and vitamin water are fine, but no energy drinks, sodas, coffee, or juice. Do not bring snacks or drinks to class and try to “down” it before the class starts. Also, do not bring candy or suckers. Gum is fine until I start to find it on chairs, the floor, or under desks.  If you eat or drink unaccepted foods in class, they will be discarded, NOT put away until after class or shoved in your mouth.  Also, we have students with severe food allergies, so it is also a matter of safety.  Failure to comply will result in a referral.


    • HOME WORK. Most of our work will be done right here in room 416. Most of which will be due at the beginning of the next class. Therefore, if you do not use your time wisely in class, then you will be assigning homework to yourself.


    • DO NOT LINE UP AT THE DOOR. This is a hard rule to follow for some reason.  Class is over when the bell rings. If you cannot keep busy until that time I WILL find more work for the class. This is not middle school; therefore there is not a need to line up. If you are at the door waiting to leave, then YOU will be held accountable.


    • KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOUR SELF. You will never be required to touch another student’s body in class. I will assume that none of your parents send you to school in the morning in the hopes that someone will grope you later. Much to your disbelief, the girls/boys in the class DO NOT want YOU to touch them! If you are observed, or reported to be putting your hands on another person, I will write you up for sexual harassment.


    • I WILL NOT TOLERATE actions or words that put people down for reasons of religion, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or physical abilities. Regardless of what you have been seeing on the news lately, this is totally unacceptable in our current society, and if you cannot be a functioning member of this society, then you will not be in this room. This school is a diverse one, and we are preparing you for life on a diverse planet. Get used to it now, because it’s the only habitable planet we have… for now.



    • OUR ROOM needs to be taken care of by all of us. Do not throw garbage into the sinks in the lab. Push in your chairs before exiting the room. Always clean up any mess that you left behind and even be a good enough citizens to help with a mess someone else may have left behind.




    These are just a few of my expectations of you.  If we can live by these, we will get along just fine.  If we cannot live by these expectations, then we will not have a very fun semester/year.