• The students in Commercial Baking work on a variety of jobs.  In the AM class, we leave the building and are bussed to Stevenson High School where the students learn to work in a bakery.  The many jobs include: getting self ready for work by donning the hairnet, beardnet, apron, washing hands, gloving, dishwashing, learning to operate a commercial dishwasher, cleaning tables, chairs, finding supplies, organizing supplies, identifying measuring tools and products, measuring with accuracy, team work, leadership skills, independence on work site, operating the oven, stove, mixer, microwave, writing out recipes, learning baking vocabulary words, following rules and directions, focus on the task at hand, and asking for help.  Every week, the students have a day to make a simple meal for themselves.  

    The PM class participates in a variety of jobs at Stevenson High School to help with preparing cookies for the SHS lunches.  Our students prepare for work by donnining the uniform, cleaning tables, collecting and taking trash from kitchen and cafeterias to the dumpster, packaging cookies, restocking cookies to be baked, filling cookie bins, organizing the cookie carts, and selling cookies on Fridays at the Skill Center.