• Woodworking

    The woodworking portion of our class focuses on tool and machine skills, along with an emphasis on work safety. Our class projects allow students to develop the woodworking skills of planning and measurement, hand tool use, and project preparation, assembly and finishing. Students begin this class by learning about and using small hand tools and their corresponding hardware. Power tools and machinery are used for advanced projects following the completion of safety and operational training. Some of the tools and materials that students will utilize include; hammer, saw, screwdriver, drill, sandpaper, paint, wood stain, measuring tape, wrench, pliers, level, and clamps. Students participate in project brainstorming and design, and are encouraged to think creatively.


    In the ceramics portion of our class, students learn how to roll slabs, shape and smooth clay and use glaze to finalize projects after firing. Students will be able to create various projects to take home, such as pinch pots, coil pots, small dishes and imprinted texture tiles. We are excited to have purchased a tabletop pottery wheel, which is new this year. Class members will have the opportunity to use the pottery wheel to create small ceramic bowls or vases.

    Annual Craft Shows

    The WWSC has two Craft Shows each school year; typically held in December and May. The Woodworking and Ceramics students participate in project brainstorming and design, and are encouraged to think creatively. Students also learn about using online resources such as Pinterest, Etsy and Google to help us find new ideas.

    Please check out the Classroom Photos section for some examples of our amazing work!

    If you are interested in purchasing any custom wood signs and/or ceramic items, please contact us. We would be happy to create something personalized for you!