• The Supported Transition Program is for students in their final year of schooling.  Our program emphasizes the transition from school to life after graduation and is supervised by one teacher and three support staff.  We hold our students to high standards because we know that they can succeed.  


    Appropriate adult behavior is required for all community experiences.

    13 work experience sites:

    • Enclaves (small groups) with a supervisor
    • Two to three half-days per week, per work site
    • All work sites have a light cleaning component (as do all jobs)
    • Students are assigned work sites based on strengths and/or needs.
    • Students earn enclave placement.
    • Inappropriate hygiene, grooming, or behavior = no work sites
    • Students must have a state ID (as they are graduating and their school ID will soon be obsolete)
    • One work site has a uniform requirement, all others have the same dress code


     STP Dress Code:

    • We dress like adults because we are adults. Students who do not follow the dress code will not be allowed to go out to their work sites.
    • Clothes must be clean and in good shape with comfortable shoes.
    • We encourage our students to save their blue jeans, t-shirts with large logos and pictures for after school activities or the weekends.
    • Shorts, jeans, and sweatpants are not acceptable.
    • WWSC t-shirts are welcomed.
    • Khaki-type pants of any color and polo shirts are encouraged.


    Curriculum is determined by student need and includes:

    • Worker traits
    • Daily living skills
    • Soft Skills
    • Social skills (behavior)
    • Functional academics