• 2019-2020 School Year Syllabus

    Syllabus for 8th Grade American History


    Mr. Morelli's Class


    Course description: we will examine key events, historical concepts, and important people related to the early history of the United States.  The historical time period that we will be covering will include Colonial times through the year 1900.  We will also examine and discuss current events throughout the school year.


    Classroom Rules/Expectations:


    Be an active participant in the learning process.

    Come to class on time and with all of your materials.

    Have a positive attitude and be willing to ask questions.

    Use class time effectively.

    Conduct oneself in a manner that is appropriate for learning.

    It is the responsibility of the student to get and complete any notes and assignments during his or her absence.


    Grading Policy:


    Warm-ups:              3 points per assignment

    Class assignments:  5 - 10 points per assignment

    Homework:             5 - 10 points per assignment

    Assessments           30 - 100 points per assessment

    Projects                  10 - 50 points per project

    Extra Credit            Opportunity given last 2 weeks of each carding marking


    Percentages and Letter Grades:

    92.5% = A

    89.5% = A-

    86.5% = B+

    82.5% = B

    79.5% = B-

    76.5% = C+

    72.5% = C

    69.5% = C-

    66.5% = D+

    62.5% = D

    59.5% = D-

    59% and lower = E


    Additional information regarding grading policy:

    Homework is to be turned in on time, otherwise no credit, exception is made for excused absences.  If a student is absent, he or she will be responsible for completing warm-ups.  Extra credit will be made available during the last two weeks of each card marking.


    Additional information regarding homework: 

    During most days in the classroom, we will be taking lecture notes during at least part of the hour.  It is my recommendation that students spend each night reviewing, rewriting or re-typing class notes.  The more that students engage these lecture notes, the more students will understand the material.  Rewriting or re-typing class lecture notes while they are fresh in your memory is an excellent way to study for upcoming assessments.  


    ****Students will need to bring the following items to class, everyday, starting Friday September 6, 2019

    1.  Notebook (labeled "Warm-ups")

    2.  Notebook (labeled "Class notes")

    3.  Planner

    4.  2-pocket folder (exclusively used for Social Studies)

    5.  Writing utensil (pen either black or blue; or pencil)


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