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    PLTW Website Login  (Complete the following on the pages of the orange notebook)

    > Activity 1.1 - The Brain

      1. Watch Unit Introduction Video

      2. Define Terms (Physical Computing, Computer Science, Program, Bluetooth, Interference)

      3. Draw and label parts of Microcontroller

    > Activity 1.2 - What to Do

      1. Watch Algorithmic Thinking Video

      2. Define Terms (Algorithmic Thinking, Flowchart, Decomposing, Conditional Statements)

      3. Create a Linear Flowchart for Brushing Your Teeth

    > Activity 1.1 - How to Do It

      1. Follow link to Microbit Coding

      2. Define Terms (Algorithms, Program, LED, Microcontroller, Block-Based Programming)

      3. Complete and fill in answers for Scavenger hunt (a. - n.)

      4. Draw a Flowchart for the "Blink" program

      5. With Partner, Write Program for "Blink" in Block Code

      6. With Partner, Upload Program "Blink" to Microcontroller

      7. Upload A1_3 Innovator.hex

      8.  Write Descrition of program

    2.4 - Secrets and Safes (Security Device)

          Presentation Reviews

    2.3 - Getting Connected (Using the Radio) 



    Invention Essay Development

    1. Watch this video about the Inventor's Mindset with the class.


     2. Work on the Invention Worksheet (Printed copy will be distributed)

      > This will help with writing about your invention later

      > Make sure to elaborate (write a lot) in each box.

      > Draw a simple sketch of each idea

    3.  Use your PLTW notebooks to elaborate on your idea if you still have time.

    4.  Turn your worksheets in!