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    Sub Day:  3/4/2020

    No Passes.  Please work in your seats very quietly. No STUPID GAMES OR SOUNDS!

    Please watch the following video and try building your own PowerPoint Maze.  What other game could you build in PowerPoint?

    Build a PowerPoint Maze





    Jeopardy Form

    Memes Assignment

    Computer Parts Worksheet

    Computer Parts Quizzes

    Peripheral Component List

    Buying a Computer

    * Compononents Jeopardy





     Work on Scratch Tutorials

        >  Login with Google Account

        > Create > Tutorials


    App Inventor


    PLTW Website Login  (Complete the following on the pages of the orange notebook)

    > Activity 1.1 - The Brain

      1. Watch Unit Introduction Video

      2. Define Terms (Physical Computing, Computer Science, Program, Bluetooth, Interference)

      3. Draw and label parts of Microcontroller

    > Activity 1.2 - What to Do

      1. Watch Algorithmic Thinking Video

      2. Define Terms (Algorithmic Thinking, Flowchart, Decomposing, Conditional Statements)

      3. Create a Linear Flowchart for Brushing Your Teeth

    > Activity 1.1 - How to Do It

      1. Follow link to Microbit Coding

      2. Define Terms (Algorithms, Program, LED, Microcontroller, Block-Based Programming)

      3. Complete and fill in answers for Scavenger hunt (a. - n.)

      4. Draw a Flowchart for the "Blink" program

      5. With Partner, Write Program for "Blink" in Block Code

      6. With Partner, Upload Program "Blink" to Microcontroller

      7. Upload A1_3 Innovator.hex

      8.  Write Descrition of program

    2.4 - Secrets and Safes (Security Device)

          Presentation Reviews

    2.3 - Getting Connected (Using the Radio) 



    Invention Essay Development

    1. Watch this video about the Inventor's Mindset with the class.


     2. Work on the Invention Worksheet (Printed copy will be distributed)

      > This will help with writing about your invention later

      > Make sure to elaborate (write a lot) in each box.

      > Draw a simple sketch of each idea

    3.  Use your PLTW notebooks to elaborate on your idea if you still have time.

    4.  Turn your worksheets in!