school supplies

    •  Pencil Box
    • Pencils (2 boxes pre-sharpened/no designs)
    • Pink pencil eraser
    • 4 LARGE Elmers Glue sticks
    • Crayola brand crayons (2 boxes/24 pack)
    • Yellow Highlighter
    • Red Checking Pen
    • Scissors (Fiskars brand)
    • 4 Thick Expo brand dry erase markers (black only)
    • Crayola brand markers – Classic color (thick and thin)
    • 1 folder with pockets
    • 1 inch three ring binder
    • Headphones (name label/zip-lock bag)
    • 2 boxes of Kleenex
    • Box of gallon size zip-lock bags (girls only)
    • Box of sandwich size zip-lock bags (boys only)                                      
    • 2 Large containers of Clorox Wipes
    • Art shirt (name label inside)
    • One roll of Paper Towel


    **Please OPEN the supplies and place the following items in your childs pencil box…

    1. 4 pencils
    2. Pink pencil eraser
    3. 1 yellow highlighter
    4. 1 thick black Expo marker
    5. 1 box of crayons
    6. 1 glue stick
    7. 1 red pen
    8. Scissors


    All extras of supplies will be collected and stored in the ‘extras’ bin in our classroom and your child can replace the items as needed. There just is not enough room in their desks for multiple items. In the past, some children get upset when the extras are collected. Therefore, having your child be a part of the pencil box packing and explaining that the rest of the supplies will be used as community items should help alleviate hurt feelings.


    Please honor this list.

    Our new desks are much smaller and do not allow for additional supplies.

    Thank you for your support!