school supplies




    Below is a list of suggested supplies to help the students with classroom learning activities

    We will have DESK seating and individualized supplies

     Below is a specific list of what your 2nd grader MUST bring to school upon return to our classroom.

    • Water Bottle (labeled with name)
    • Folder (sturdy one with 2 pockets, design of your choice to keep in desk and use daily)
    • Pencil ‘pouch’ (to keep personal reward coins)
    • Pencil Box filled with the following items:

    ❏ 4 Sharpened pencils         ❏ 1 Scissors

    ❏ 2 Large pink erasers             2 Large BLACK Expo markers

    ❏ 1-2 Glue sticks                 ❏ 1 Box 24 Crayola crayons

    *Sometimes school supplies come in packages of multiples, after placing the above listed items in your childs pencil box, feel free to send those extras to school as well, I will store them in a classroom cabinet and use them to replenish items as needed throughout the school year.

    Optional items

    *Large and small Ziploc baggies


    *Rolls of paper towel

    *Chlorox/sanitizing wipes (we have district provided sanitizing wipes, but extras are always appreciated)